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09/10/2011Why is there (almost) no work on languages for autotuning?What needs to be done?
09/10/2011And a bit of clarificationWhat needs to be done?
09/11/2011Thank you!What needs to be done?
10/29/2010It's posted online as a sample chapter.Land of Lisp
10/30/2010Other changes?Land of Lisp
06/09/2010Licensing may be a factor in that.SIGPLAN's first Programming Languages Software Award goes to LLVM
05/23/2010That problem wants a design tool, not a programming language.Programming CNC machines in Haskell
05/14/2010It's unfortunate that it considers "Fortran" one language.The Right Tool
05/15/2010I don't really have a goodThe Right Tool
05/15/2010A few other ideas for looking at the dataThe Right Tool
05/15/2010Yeah, the one for Visual Basic is pretty amusing!The Right Tool
05/15/2010Quite so.The Right Tool
06/14/2010Not in the May issue....seL4: Formal Verification of an Operating-System Kernel
12/09/2009But you don't need to reparse that much....Differentiating Parsers
12/02/2009Volunteers?Two Bits: The Cultural Significance of Free Software
12/06/2009What I find remarkableTwo Bits: The Cultural Significance of Free Software
11/26/2009A different thesis on where these improvements come from.John Hughes on Erlang and Haskell
12/02/2009That's a good point. I wasJohn Hughes on Erlang and Haskell
12/12/2008Well, there is a potentialThe Genuine Sieve of Eratosthenes
07/23/2008For what it's worth, theIs null needed?
07/23/2008Well, Null is a pointer target. Pointers and OO are orthogonal.Is null needed?
07/24/2008Ah, indeed. So, under theIs null needed?
12/03/2006From a naive look at thatPractical Laziness
12/03/2006For the paranoid, theStephen Wolfram forecasts the future
10/16/2006Implicit typing in FortranGood Ideas, Through the Looking Glass
10/16/2006Re: turning it offGood Ideas, Through the Looking Glass

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