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02/16/2007not-so-obvious interpretationWhy people don't use functional programming?
06/02/2006Curry-Howard and Typical Programming LanguagesRelevance of Curry-Howard
05/10/2006Lisp in the 1800s?The Nature of Lisp (a tutorial)
05/08/2006Action Calculi?What do you believe about Programming Languages (that you can't prove (yet))?
04/29/2006I'm not exactly sure I seeFolding neither Left nor Right (or how to avoid overspecifying the solution to a problem)
03/09/2006Types and Programming LanguagesLanguage Design Tips
02/01/2006Mathematical Monads and the Maybe MonadWhat is a monad, why should I use it, and when is it appropriate?
02/01/2006Monads as Abstractions of Computational CharacteristicsWhat is a monad, why should I use it, and when is it appropriate?
01/21/2006Formality?Lisp is sin
01/21/2006Nemerle MacrosLisp is sin
11/20/2005Probably not, but probably not the point...Fortress Specs Updated: 0.785
12/21/2005liftMBruce Tate: Technologies that may challenge Java

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