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12/30/2005Guy Steele on Language DesignGuy Steele on Language Design
09/13/2005Plugging Haskell InPlugging Haskell In
08/16/2005Reply linkForum usability
06/28/2005GHC Survey ResultsGHC Survey Results
06/11/2005Links DemosLinks Demos
05/27/2005LL* workshopsConference in Vancouver
05/16/2005PreSchemeImplicitly Heterogeneous Multi-stage Programming
04/28/2005R6RS Scheme Status ReportR6RS Scheme Status Report
04/11/2005New GlueDominus talks about HO Perl
03/22/2005"Programming" Goes GenericAccording to Allen Holub programming is now a liberal art. When did this happen?
01/24/2005Correlation? Maybe not."Popular vs. Good" in Programming Languages
01/26/2005Language As Toolbox"Popular vs. Good" in Programming Languages
01/27/2005Aesthetics Are Easy, Right?"Popular vs. Good" in Programming Languages
01/28/2005Oops, The Concrete Dried..."Popular vs. Good" in Programming Languages
11/24/2004LL4 Program and AbstractsLL4 Program and Abstracts
11/16/2004Multi-Return Function CallMulti-Return Function Call
11/23/2004Alternate ExplanationMulti-Return Function Call
10/26/2004Preventing misguided optimizationSun to add JFluid profiling tool to Java Studio

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