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09/27/2010subset of designers and programmersNew Dataflow Programming Language
09/24/2010future of JavaFxNew Dataflow Programming Language
04/21/2010Declarative memoizationSeeking thoughtful criticisms of functional programming and languages
04/10/2010New multi-tasking feature supposedly required thisiPhone PL lockdown
07/07/2009Recent progress?A Reactive Model-based Programming Language for Robotic Space Explorers
08/17/2007constrained stateAnalyzing the Environment Structure ofHigher-Order Languages using Frame Strings
04/19/2007Actors vs. Reactive ObjectsActors vs. Reactive Objects
04/23/2007Thanks for the illustration.Actors vs. Reactive Objects
04/02/2007I prefer 'constantly'. ThisTerminology: Thunking vs Quoting
10/19/2006ssems popularFlapjax - Functional Reactive Ajax
08/16/2006Enjoyable readRevisiting Google's MapReduce
09/09/2005Great Haskell code to readHaskell and creative freedom
09/09/2004Ease of learning HaskellDescription Logics in Literate Haskell
07/23/2004My two centsThe C++ Source Journal

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