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11/10/2011Is the Expression Problem Fundamental?Is the Expression Problem Fundamental?
05/15/2010Are you being sarcastic?"Critical code studies"
05/16/2010The Emotional Aspects of Laplace Equations"Critical code studies"
04/27/2010If you haven't already...Add "unit time delay (D)" operator to functional language with random signals instead of random vars
10/10/2008ROSE compilerDSL or dialects used inside compilers
09/24/2008haskell for gpuhaskell for gpu
02/14/2008Subjectively speaking...Qis of the Future
02/07/2008really sickProject LambdaCan
02/06/20082 dead languagestime as a first class value?
02/06/2008...and one live onetime as a first class value?
02/11/2008Futurestime as a first class value?
02/06/2008Does anyone know of work done on co-data-types?Does anyone know of work done on co-data-types?
02/06/2008data level parallelismDoes anyone know of work done on co-data-types?
02/14/2008After reading a bit of Jacobs...Does anyone know of work done on co-data-types?
01/24/2008WorseHow useful is reflection, anyway?
01/24/2008AbstractionHow useful is reflection, anyway?
01/24/2008good pointHow useful is reflection, anyway?
01/23/2008Is it necessary or just another name?How useful is reflection, anyway?
01/15/2008Try reading "Conceptual Math"Understanding category theory and its practical applications
02/17/2008A "Real World" example"Practical" advantages of lazy evaluation
05/01/2007Rubato - Composing Music with FunctorialsRubato - Composing Music with Functorials
03/09/2008The solution to the concurrency problem...What do you believe about Programming Languages (that you can't prove (yet))?

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