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12/20/2011Forgetting the pastCambridge Course on "Usability of Programming Languages"
03/10/2010Keeping up with the state-of-the-artHave tracing JIT compilers won?
03/10/2010Dog foodHave tracing JIT compilers won?
02/03/2010Course focusing on JIT compilers?Course focusing on JIT compilers?
02/04/2010Past coursesCourse focusing on JIT compilers?
02/04/2010JIT specific aspectsCourse focusing on JIT compilers?
06/23/2009SSA BibliographySSA vs. CPS (and ANF?)
06/19/2009ContextFactor Mixins
10/14/2008Static types of partial functionsOn the (perceived) equivalence of static and dynamically typed reflective programming languages
10/27/2008OT: runtime assertion vs crashingOn the (perceived) equivalence of static and dynamically typed reflective programming languages
07/19/2008How about CL?Systems programming in languages other than C?
01/31/2008MuArc is released
08/08/2007No Free LunchRalph Johnson: Erlang, the next Java
05/12/2007Type-level hackeryThe Monad.Reader
05/12/2007Illegal statesThe Monad.Reader
05/12/2007Illegal statesThe Monad.Reader
03/23/2007Really?No Ifs, Ands, or Buts
03/24/2007Typo bugsA Real-World Use of Lift, a Scala Web Application Framework
05/27/2006HashLinspire chooses Haskell as preferred language
03/26/2007Stacking your thoughtsUnix as programming language
10/18/2005Grunt workMechanizing Language Definitions
10/18/2005Page not foundMechanizing Language Definitions
09/09/2005Deja VuAsynchronous Exceptions in Haskell
08/30/2005SLIME48Yearning for a practical scheme
08/22/2005Another exampleWhen to create syntax?
07/21/2005"if"Grady Booch: Software Engineering Grand Challenges
06/15/2005Fully constructed messages?Tim Bray: On Threads
06/15/2005What scales and what doesn'tTim Bray: On Threads
06/13/2005Would you like someTransducer Composition and CPS
06/03/2005Shortly discussedToday's Status of Functional Programming Languages for Verification Tools ?
06/05/2005development environment != IDEToday's Status of Functional Programming Languages for Verification Tools ?
06/06/2005Pretty much the sameToday's Status of Functional Programming Languages for Verification Tools ?
05/23/2005Maybe...Haskell for C Programmers
04/26/2005Lisp EditorsImplementing a Lisp Editor - Would like some advice.
04/25/2005LLVMVirtual Machine and Runtime Framework
06/04/2005More than language has to be taken into accountWhy do they program in C++?
06/04/2005Lambda: the ultimate...Why do they program in C++?
04/13/2005Parse tree munching with XSLTLinks
03/26/2005lazy concurrent constraint logic languageTransparent Persistence
01/26/2005Lisp MachineLangauges and Hardware...
12/12/2004FP?Tim Bray: Sun & Dynamic Java
12/13/2004Lisp?Tim Bray: Sun & Dynamic Java
12/13/2004Armed BearTim Bray: Sun & Dynamic Java
12/13/2004Missing: Pattern MatchingTim Bray: Sun & Dynamic Java
11/13/2004Haskell vs. ML studyLanguage comparison experiment
11/16/2004re: conclusionLanguage comparison experiment
11/13/2004Haskell vs. Ada vs. C++ vs. Awk vs. ...Language comparison experiment
11/13/2004Another comparisonLanguage comparison experiment
11/04/2004ViewsPredicate Dispatch in the news

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