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10/27/2010C+@The Myths of Object-Orientation
03/16/2010I'm probably naive...Recent Progress in Quantum Algorithms
12/27/2009From one non-expert...Need volunteer help/feedback from stronger academic/competent profiles (on testing T-diags expressiveness with semantics, etc)
12/27/2009Types and online communitiesWard's Wiki
08/04/2009In defense of timeouts (not timers)Simplicity
06/16/2009What Joe has in mindA-Z of Programming Languages: Erlang
10/03/2007COLA and Open, extensible object modelsCOLA and Open, extensible object models
02/13/2007Erlang already has STM...Patrick Logan on Software Transaction Memory
12/31/2006Optimizer object graphsAgentSheets: End-User Programing (and Secret Lisp Success Story!)
12/01/2006There is a language...SK Calculus not Consider SeKsy?
08/03/2006Front page?Convergence
08/02/2006Ocean implementation beginsOcean implementation begins
08/02/2006Why separate compilation?A type-correct, stack-safe, provably correct, expression compiler in Epigram
08/02/2006Even better news...What do you believe about Programming Languages (that you can't prove (yet))?
04/01/2006Leaving side-effects at the programmer's whimTransactional Memory with data invariants (draft sequel to the STM-Haskell paper)

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