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04/13/2012Texts?Reverend Bayes, meet Countess Lovelace: Probabilistic Programming for Machine Learning
01/15/2011implementation, implementation, implementationguy steele on how (not) to think of parallel programming
08/26/2010ChaitinComputational equivalent of incompleteness theorems?
06/28/2010Interesting, but I disagree with the premise of the excerptEvocative metaphor
12/18/2009everybody had their ownBack to the Future: Lisp as a Base for a Statistical Computing System
12/17/2009Incanter is pretty cool, butThe Development of Sage
12/17/2009I'm aware of that paper byThe Development of Sage
11/17/2009This might not be exactlyGo or Unladen Swallow?
05/29/2009Call me a cynic, but somehowQuestions Five Ways
05/09/2006Implementation?Fortress Spec 0.903
05/27/2009I was thinking of postingLisp-Stat does not seem to be in good health lately.
05/28/2009There have been some effortsLisp-Stat does not seem to be in good health lately.

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