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02/04/2010Or for that matter usingSuper and Inner — Together at Last!
11/26/2009Scratch is quiteScratch: Programming for All
07/24/2009Well. Honestly I think IIterators Must Go
03/05/2010In an OO language, one usesTony Hoare / Historically Bad Ideas: "Null References: The Billion Dollar Mistake"
04/17/2008Combinators are a good thing ifmore power and less verbiage
02/26/2008That's more or less right.Chris Okasaki on Indentation Syntax
04/04/2008This is indeed the case, butGilad Bracha: Cutting out Static
02/06/2008Like the other posters, I'mSignals in an OOPL
01/18/2008You can see an example of #1Impact of OO language style on code
12/12/2007JRubyAvi Bryant: Ruby IS-A Smalltalk
12/05/2007What Chris said -- but I dopoll: syntax
12/05/2007In the case of C++ (and toConcurrency: The Compiler Writer's Perspective
12/05/2007Certainly!Concurrency: The Compiler Writer's Perspective
11/19/2007Types have little to do with it.What are the properties of "Functional Programming Languages"?
11/19/2007Hm, you're right -- I'dWhat are the properties of "Functional Programming Languages"?
11/20/2007It seems like an avoidanceWhat are the properties of "Functional Programming Languages"?
11/20/2007It's already been pointedWhat are the properties of "Functional Programming Languages"?
11/19/2007That's a good point too. AnWhat are the properties of "Functional Programming Languages"?
11/20/2007Functions versus function pointersWhat are the properties of "Functional Programming Languages"?
10/25/2007Briefly, yes. I think it'sPRNG tutorial: request for comments
02/19/2008Are there any JVMs thatAny multi-threaded interpreters?
02/19/2008JRubyAny multi-threaded interpreters?
09/25/2007Shared state, if you must.STM is which kind of concurrency?
09/19/2007Allowing Unsafe Rules in Datalog?Allowing Unsafe Rules in Datalog?
09/21/2007I think in the recursiveAllowing Unsafe Rules in Datalog?
09/18/2007Transactions Don't ScaleUniqueness Types Instead STM
09/18/2007Not all means ofUniqueness Types Instead STM
09/19/2007I don't think you can getUniqueness Types Instead STM
09/21/2007It sounds like you'reUniqueness Types Instead STM
09/19/2007There's also the issue thatUniqueness Types Instead STM
11/20/2007We've done it in Inkscape,Petition for adding garbage collection to C++.
01/16/2008If the language specification doesn't do it...ruby vs python
01/16/2008Message-passing is desirableruby vs python
01/16/2008Ruby's culture tends to beruby vs python
01/16/2008Python tries not to come down at all in this regardruby vs python
11/21/2005Exactly.Monads in Ruby
11/21/2005Thanks for the link!Monads in Ruby
11/22/2005Hah!Monads in Ruby

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