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05/03/2007Naive realism?Is Integer wrapping an exceptional condition?
02/26/2007Tape reading ca. 1961The Computer Revolution Hasn't Happened Yet
02/27/2007Well, yes and noThe Computer Revolution Hasn't Happened Yet
02/07/2007Ellipsis...Opinions on _Theoretical Introduction to Programming_?
01/22/2007Normally...Ninety-nine Lisp Problems
01/22/2007Prolog comparisonsNinety-nine Lisp Problems
02/21/2007And....we've closed the circleWhy people don't use functional programming?
01/08/2007Anyone have the code?Simon Peyton Jones: Beautiful concurrency
01/03/2007Efficiency?Why numbering should start at 0
01/02/2007Dijkstra vs. general-purpose languagesWhy numbering should start at 0
11/01/2006DifferentiatorsWant to learn something new
10/16/2006Charles ThackerGood Ideas, Through the Looking Glass
09/27/2006Machine Obstructed ProofMachine Obstructed Proof
09/28/2006Key experienceMachine Obstructed Proof
10/02/2006Introductory logic via Coq?Machine Obstructed Proof
08/23/2006Declarative Networking: Language, Execution and OptimizationDeclarative Networking: Language, Execution and Optimization
08/09/2006Algebraic types vs. unions?Lisp Lovers, how would you fix Lisp or bring it up to date?
08/09/2006Revisiting MapReduceLisp Lovers, how would you fix Lisp or bring it up to date?
08/02/2006Dependent types?Managing missing information through Condition Propagation
07/24/2006Synchronous network?Erlang concurrency: why asynchronious messages?
07/24/2006Reasoning about asynchronous message passingErlang concurrency: why asynchronious messages?
07/24/2006A digression....Erlang concurrency: why asynchronious messages?
07/24/2006HTTPErlang concurrency: why asynchronious messages?
07/25/2006Can you do compose'Advantages of Soft Typing
07/17/2006Easy to reproducePredicting programming course success from a single entrance exam
07/17/2006downcasting / pattern matching?OOP Parallel class hierarchies
07/18/2006Ok, so I'm desperatelyOOP Parallel class hierarchies
07/13/2006Workflow, continuations, and threadsEvent-Based Programming without Inversion of Control
07/11/2006Less like Usenet, please...Community enforcement discussion
06/27/2006Multi-language holes?Securing the .NET Programming Model
06/28/2006You're right.Securing the .NET Programming Model
07/11/2006Coq'ArtAlloy - The Book
06/08/2006sliding windowsJoshua Bloch: "Nearly All Binary Searches Broken"
06/09/2006Window size and sequence numbersJoshua Bloch: "Nearly All Binary Searches Broken"
06/08/2006Why?Why Are ALL Programming Languages So Low Level?
06/01/2006A few comments on Dewar's talkAda UK Conference 2006 (slides & videos)
06/01/2006Well...Type checking and logical errors
05/22/2006Workflow and continuationsGilad Bracha: Will Continuations continue?
04/26/2006Costs of uK hardware protectionDeconstructing Process Isolation
04/10/2006Is there a transcript?Ward Cunningham podcast: Smalltalk, little languages, XP, typing and future of software
03/29/2006C bitwise operators"Semi-complete" Boolean Evaluation?
03/30/2006...more C trivia..."Semi-complete" Boolean Evaluation?
03/27/2006A good test suite...Extremely static language?
03/28/2006ContractsExtremely static language?
03/28/2006Reasoning about typesExtremely static language?
03/28/2006The nature of "sufficiently good"Extremely static language?
03/29/2006Eh, huh?Extremely static language?
03/27/2006All static type systems putExtremely static language?
02/28/2006Innocent?Tail call elimination decorator in Python
02/21/2006Optional type systems?Gilad Is Right
02/21/2006I'd hope so...Gilad Is Right
02/18/2006refactoring?Fission for Program Comprehension
02/14/2006Broken?Guido: Language Design Is Not Just Solving Puzzles
02/07/2006This is, unfortunately, notProgramming Languages: Application and Interpretation
02/06/2006Longer answer...hypothetical question
02/03/2006Development by standards committee?A New Haskell and those anxious to change
01/25/2006I'm not getting this one...Semantic Distance: NLP Not a Resource Sink
01/03/2006Fortress?Guy Steele on Language Design
12/09/2005Had a hole in my pocket and lost my silver bulletEnvisioning a New Language: A Conversation With Victoria Livschitz
12/09/2005What I make of MetaphorsEnvisioning a New Language: A Conversation With Victoria Livschitz
11/18/2005PaperThe X10 Programming Language
09/28/2005PotentialsContinuations library for Java
09/21/2005Myths ?Dynamic typing in OCaml
09/20/2005I'm completely fascinated...RPC Under Fire
09/21/2005A useful but fragile abstraction?RPC Under Fire
09/21/2005Coupling?RPC Under Fire
08/30/2005ModulesYearning for a practical scheme

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