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05/02/2007Is Integer wrapping an exceptional condition?Is Integer wrapping an exceptional condition?
07/13/2006I started with "A littleCan anyone here help a newbie on language interpretation, want book reference and possible sample code.
05/08/2006Links for Programming Language course videosLinks for Programming Language course videos
03/22/2006Look at subtextProgramming: 50, 100 years from now
03/10/2006Visualisable LanguagesVisualisable Languages
03/11/2006UML can only represent theVisualisable Languages
03/11/2006I mean that a stack trace isVisualisable Languages
01/26/2006ubuntuChoice of OS of LtU readers
01/26/2006Debian UnstableChoice of OS of LtU readers
12/11/2005Is this a new programming paradigmIs this a new programming paradigm
12/15/2005and in call/return languagesIs this a new programming paradigm
11/27/2005Network Transparent languagesNetwork Transparent languages
11/06/2005LinuxDon Knuth: Musings and More
10/01/2005Linux versionIvory, an experimental declarative programming system
10/01/2005We are in the process of staLtU etiquette
10/01/2005Bulls EyeAbstractions considered harmful?
09/22/2005Table Oriented ProgrammingTable Oriented Programming
09/22/2005It is not a DSL as in a DSL tTable Oriented Programming
09/08/2005I am not sure , but from whatPersistent functional databases
04/25/2006No, there is no performancePersistent functional databases
08/27/2005Does Abstraction add Fuzziness?Does Abstraction add Fuzziness?
08/29/2005Summing it upDoes Abstraction add Fuzziness?
08/30/2005the - CODeDOC 2002
04/12/2005Are we doing the wrong things?Links

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