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08/15/2005Gaaaaaaaaaa!Syntax Design
08/15/2005Re: Another aspectLarger Subroutines == Fewer Defects
08/11/2005Let me reiterate those substaConcatenative Language Kont
08/11/2005Not low levelConcatenative Language Kont
08/11/2005empty stacksConcatenative Language Kont
08/11/2005The code is not applicative,Concatenative Language Kont
08/10/2005things Factor can doConcatenative Language Kont
08/11/2005Re: Fun with stacksConcatenative Language Kont
08/11/2005I don't care enought to make a good titleConcatenative Language Kont
08/11/2005The Swine Before PerlConcatenative Language Kont
08/11/2005btwConcatenative Language Kont
08/11/2005Type systemsConcatenative Language Kont
08/11/2005Umm... noConcatenative Language Kont
08/08/2005How do you do real world objects?Coupling of concepts - good or bad
08/08/2005Ok, but that's a really smallCoupling of concepts - good or bad
05/10/2005Use whatever you're best atBest route for new language to be self-hosting
05/06/2005Re: Too many cooksLet's make a programming language!
05/03/2005Factor will do thisCall for Papers: ACM Symposium on Dynamic Languages
05/01/2005there is *some* variationWhat makes Centum a bad language?
01/26/2005Whoa, my name's up there in this article's contents"Popular vs. Good" in Programming Languages
12/24/2004HListsAdding Optional Static Typing to Python
11/21/2004What is this?Multi-Return Function Call
10/15/2004Java syntax extenderSun ships "extensible" Java compiler?
10/15/2004Macros != fragmented dialectsSun ships "extensible" Java compiler?
10/11/2004Yes, it's interesting, but...Interesting? closure/object idea
10/06/2004Forgive me for my ignorance, but...Probabilistic languages for kids?
09/30/2004Functional alternativesIntroduction to E4X
09/30/2004What language are you using?Monads in various languages
09/15/2004why would you do that?Faking it (even better)
09/14/2004what's so good about newLisp?newLisp: A better Lisp/Scheme Fusion...
09/14/2004Scheme can do that too, sortanewLisp: A better Lisp/Scheme Fusion...
09/12/2004You're confusing language and implementationMore from Udell on typing
08/12/2004re: functional pythonUdell: A strategic vision for dynamic languages

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