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05/23/2012Given any deterministicLanguages with 'unique' programs
11/02/2011LinksExtensible Programming with First-Class Cases
10/13/2011Better with delimited continuationsData, Codata, and Their Implications for Equality, and Serialization
01/07/2011This approach can becomeThe AST Typing Problem
06/19/2010As neelk already said,Looking for a proof that eager reduction is as strong as lazy reduction
12/11/2009Row polymorphism is a kind of parametric polymorphismImplementation of Cardelli and Daan Leijen Style Record Systems?
12/11/2009row polymorphism =/= subtypingImplementation of Cardelli and Daan Leijen Style Record Systems?
12/12/2009NiceImplementation of Cardelli and Daan Leijen Style Record Systems?
06/06/2009Extensible programming with first-class casesAre extensible records first class patterns?
11/10/2008Type inferenceExtensible tuples?
05/05/2008Thanks for the interest inArrows generalise monads and idioms
02/10/2007Links is the most popular programming languageWhy people don't use functional programming?
10/24/2006True, but it can be ratherSpecifying ECMAScript via ML
07/01/2005HTML is not expressive enoughLinks Demos

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