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04/30/2009Example: The Quick C-- CompilerWhat is the best literate programming tool/environment/research work?
04/01/2009An image is not a logoAnnouncing the Haskot
04/01/2009SML/NJAnnouncing the Haskot
10/06/2008PEGs in LuaParsing Expression Grammars
04/06/2007PhD ThesisPutting functional database theory into practice: NixOS
04/01/2007New Major Language?Mutable variables eliminated from .NET
03/11/2007Lua 2.5 in OCamlWhat's up with Lua?
03/10/2007CurryingGilad Bracha on tuples
02/26/2007Google's MapReduce Programming Model—RevisitedMapReduce
02/26/2007Automated DebuggingBehaviour Diffing
02/27/2007Ample for JavaBehaviour Diffing
02/25/2007Hard Problem?Literature on recovering grammars?
05/03/2006Vim after using Emacs for yearsYour favourite editor/IDE
02/02/2006PDF of Tim Sweeney's POPL talkThe Next Mainstream Programming Languages
12/20/2005Take a look at Lua-ML[Newbie] Where can I learn about VM / C interfacing?
09/22/2005Lua: small, yet powerfulGood languages with simple grammar
11/22/2004The API of Extension LanguagesExtending Ruby with C
10/08/2005Stochastic Lambda CalculusProbabilistic languages for kids?
01/07/2004Why Objects Have FailedWhy Objects Have Failed
11/15/2003Re: Notes on Programming in CNotes on Programming in C
11/10/2003Re: Coalgebraic Reasoning about Classes in Object-Oriented LanguagesCoalgebraic Reasoning about Classes in Object-Oriented Languages
11/06/2003Re: Editors, Ahoy!Editors, Ahoy!
10/23/2003Re: State and modularityState and modularity
10/10/2003Re: Spreadsheet LanguagesSpreadsheet Languages
09/22/2003Re: Moving Away From XSLTMoving Away From XSLT
09/09/2003Re: Trivia: Programming Language Naming PatternsTrivia: Programming Language Naming Patterns
11/12/2002Re: Relational Programming (whatever happened to...)Relational Programming (whatever happened to...)

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