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02/08/2012Why hide the annotations?Programming as collaborative reference
01/30/2012LLVM gets even more attractiveVellvm: Formalizing the LLVM Intermediate Representation for Verified Program Transformations
02/02/2012Right, but you get a definite value backVellvm: Formalizing the LLVM Intermediate Representation for Verified Program Transformations
10/10/2011Same questionGoogle's Dart announced
10/10/2011Conservative skin over JavaScriptGoogle's Dart announced
09/19/2011biggest threats are from the same userThe SAFE Platform
09/04/2011Function literals for extensibilitythe gnu extension language
08/07/2011I agree with the quote, too.Programming and Scaling
04/11/2011good goal, but just the tip of the icebergStaking Claims: A History of Programming Language Design Claims and Evidence
03/30/2011Compilers are buggy as get outFinding and Understanding Bugs in C Compilers
03/06/2011Interface evolution problemsKeyword and Optional Arguments in PLT Scheme
01/18/2011Yay for multiple IRsThe AST Typing Problem
12/20/2010It's great to hear thisAzul's Pauseless Garbage Collector
12/20/2010compared to other real-time collectors?Azul's Pauseless Garbage Collector
04/12/2010they probably mean the primary languageiPhone PL lockdown
04/12/2010Meta-platforms make for bad software?iPhone PL lockdown
12/09/2009More doc, and a questionDeveloper Guided Code Splitting
12/10/2009PrefetchingDeveloper Guided Code Splitting
12/21/2009automatic fetch prioritiesDeveloper Guided Code Splitting
12/09/2009Scala pluginsDifferentiating Parsers
12/09/2009just parse + type-check/name-resolveDifferentiating Parsers
10/30/2008yesAutomated Code Review Tools for Security
11/12/2007fine-grained authorityCaja: Capability Javascript
05/31/2007a common mischaracterization in the abstractType-sensitive control-flow analysis
09/01/2006redefining type safetyGradual Typing for Functional Languages

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