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03/23/2012What about MarpaParsing: The Solved Problem That Isn't
01/31/2011RSS feed broken?RSS feed broken?
01/14/2010It's not always failure to understandWhy Normalization Failed to Become the Ultimate Guide for Database Designers?
12/05/2008Not sure that's justifiedLive programming environments
04/30/2007Interesting you should mentionThoughts about the Best Introductory Language
03/20/2007Reminds me sadlyJohn Backus has passed away
12/02/2006Maybe it means that peopleStephen Wolfram forecasts the future
12/15/2006Wouldn't there have to be some?Abstractly typed languages
07/15/200661 Subjects?Predicting programming course success from a single entrance exam
06/18/2006PHP as wellWhy only 'minimal' languages
07/20/2009"...focusing on betterHuman Factors Research On Programming Language Syntax
10/21/2005A good book on Chinesethe Chinese natual language
10/21/2005In my studies of Mandarinthe Chinese natual language

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