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04/21/2011apropos functional programming patternsPatterns in Functional Programming
07/21/2010Not Barendregts "bible"Is lambda calculus a logic?
07/14/2010affinity with Curry Howard ?A simple class of Kripke-style models in which logic and computation have equal standing
03/18/2010Avigad's proof of prime number theoremOn the (Alleged) Value of Proof for Assurance
12/31/2009John Knight and Nancy Levesonmost water-tight real-world language implementation?
06/06/2009Richard Gabriel on genius programmersThe Myth of the Genius Programmer
04/21/2009Systems following the LCF are an instance of the criterionThe deBrujin Criterion and the "LCF Approach".
04/25/2009Randy Pollak and supporters of HOL think like you ...The deBrujin Criterion and the "LCF Approach".
03/05/2009There was - is another bookDynamic Logic

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