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03/05/2012Misnomer?What does focusing tell us about language design?
03/06/2012Evaluation order and CBPVWhat does focusing tell us about language design?
03/06/2012I don't understand.What does focusing tell us about language design?
09/10/2011A Semantic Model for Graphical User InterfacesA Semantic Model for Graphical User Interfaces
09/10/2011GossipA Semantic Model for Graphical User Interfaces
09/04/2011CBPVthe gnu extension language
07/28/2011A bit confused...Lightweight Monadic Programming in ML
08/04/2011This is just the CBV translation into the Monadic MetalanguageLightweight Monadic Programming in ML
08/04/2011Deriving morphismsLightweight Monadic Programming in ML
08/04/2011The opposite questionLightweight Monadic Programming in ML
08/07/2011Reminds me of EffLightweight Monadic Programming in ML
08/08/2011Monads and Lawvere TheoriesLightweight Monadic Programming in ML
08/08/2011EffLightweight Monadic Programming in ML
07/14/2011Levy: a Toy Call-by-Push-Value LanguageLevy: a Toy Call-by-Push-Value Language
07/28/2011Interesting...Levy: a Toy Call-by-Push-Value Language
07/03/2011Of Course ML Has Monads!Of Course ML Has Monads!
02/14/2011Denotational Semantics for DSLsMonads vs. Actors
02/22/2011Thanks for the reference!Monads vs. Actors
10/28/2010Land of LispLand of Lisp
10/03/2010Incomplete PictureEff - Language of the Future
07/22/2010TeX ReplacementScribble: Closing the Book on Ad Hoc Documentation Tools
07/22/2010Curry-Howard CorrespondenceA simple class of Kripke-style models in which logic and computation have equal standing
07/04/2010Handlers of Algebraic EffectsHandlers of Algebraic Effects
07/06/2010Two answersHandlers of Algebraic Effects
07/04/2010What's your intuition for convergence?Denotational semantics with other notions of convergence
06/07/2010Rig ConservativityTropical Semirings
06/06/2010Thanks!The Galois connection between syntax and semantics
06/06/2010Coalgebra and Synthetic theories seem to fit the billThe Galois connection between syntax and semantics
03/23/2010Answering the first questionCurry Howard and more powerful type systems
03/22/2010Effectful Code TransformationsEffectful Code Transformations
03/22/2010Mind the Gap?Effectful Code Transformations
03/23/2010ApologiesEffectful Code Transformations
03/22/2010Late Robin MilnerLate Robin Milner
02/21/2010MGSDo you know of any good summer schools on types/programming languages for 2010?
02/04/2010Expressible MonadsMonads in Action
08/19/2009Yeslimit and colimit
08/17/2009Adafunctions vs procedures..
08/17/2009Perhapsfunctions vs procedures..
08/19/2009Dynamic, not semanticfunctions vs procedures..
08/20/2009Timelinefunctions vs procedures..
08/06/2009Lucian: Dataflow and Object OrientationLucid, Gipsy paper
06/18/2009What about TeX?Perlis Languages
06/18/2009Assertion MacrosPerlis Languages
06/12/2009Minor correctionPreventing downcasting and adding a universal variant
06/12/2009Semantics: Logic vs. PLSemantics: Logic vs. PL
06/12/2009Brevity is a virtue...Semantics: Logic vs. PL
06/12/2009Semantics: Logic vs. PLSemantics: Logic vs. PL
06/17/2009Is the question out of place then?Semantics: Logic vs. PL
06/18/2009The algebraic nature ofSemantics: Logic vs. PL
06/17/2009Plotkin's Operational SemanticsSemantics: Logic vs. PL
06/18/2009Step SizeSemantics: Logic vs. PL
06/18/2009Hiding Parts of the HowSemantics: Logic vs. PL
05/02/2008What is it you're asking, exactly?Is Halting Problem Valid for P?
04/27/2007Regarding Phil's Comment at the EndGoogle Tech Talk: Phil Gosset discusses parametric polymorphism and girard-reynolds isomorphism
09/14/2006Fixed-Point InductionFixed-Point Induction
09/16/2006I was aiming for fixed-point induction...Fixed-Point Induction
02/19/2006But isn't that supposed to happen?Gilad Is Right
10/07/2009Monads and Effects (Benton, Hughes, Moggi)Effect Systems?
08/17/2009What am I missing?Exceptional syntax
05/12/2007Mathematicians and CTAlgebra Of Programming (Bird, De Moor)
06/26/2004Elementary Category TheoryElementary Category Theory
06/26/2004UTIElementary Category Theory
07/13/2004But what did equalizers add?Elementary Category Theory

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