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10/07/2005Prove that it's worth moneyScalability
09/27/2005Yes, a prominent policy statement, pleaseLtU: Style and Focus
09/27/2005SignaturesLtU: Style and Focus
09/27/2005Advertizements, Announcements, Job offers, ResumesLtU: Style and Focus
09/24/2005Intuition sucks?What is Intuitive?
09/21/2005SeaFunc meets Tues. Sept. 27thSeaFunc meets Tues. Sept. 27th
09/26/2005That's tomorrow!SeaFunc meets Tues. Sept. 27th
09/27/2005You're welcomeSeaFunc meets Tues. Sept. 27th
09/27/2005Looks like a good resource. Thanks.SeaFunc meets Tues. Sept. 27th
09/21/2005Expressive? Usable?Good languages with simple grammar

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