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07/16/2012But does this continuation have unlimited extent?Lattices - Partial orders with infimum and supremum
06/26/2012Pike channels DijkstraLess is exponentially more: Rob Pike on Go and Why C++ Programmers Aren't Flocking to it.
06/27/2012VB.NET is not just C# with different syntaxLess is exponentially more: Rob Pike on Go and Why C++ Programmers Aren't Flocking to it.
06/14/2012Not exceptions but conditionsWhy are exceptions not described as 'purely functional'?
06/14/2012Not quite imperativeWhy are exceptions not described as 'purely functional'?
06/09/2012Proper linkWhy Do Some Programming Languages Live and Others Die?
05/31/2012Implicit conversion, not overloadingWat
05/31/2012Like anything else, overloading can be and has been abusedWat
05/20/2012Why rewrite Excel?Common Lisp: The Untold Story
03/30/2012I don't see how it could beQuantitative comparison of unit testing vs. static typing?
03/31/2012OT: "Type-based dispatch"?Quantitative comparison of unit testing vs. static typing?
03/15/2012I don't read "formal X" sections in papersReferences about the importance of formalism in programming language design
03/19/2012Exactly soReferences about the importance of formalism in programming language design
03/19/2012Proofs aren't guaranteesReferences about the importance of formalism in programming language design
03/30/2012What I meantReferences about the importance of formalism in programming language design
03/05/2012This is true in all fields of learning, though often forgottenResearch in Programming Languages
02/22/2012Actually, I enjoy Pure ....A Concept Design for C++
02/15/2012Wow, you actually lecture in Haskell too?Teaching challenge: culturally enriching formulae-as-types
02/05/2012C# supports theseActive Variables in Common Lisp
01/27/2012No erroneous outputSyntax Desugaring Algorithm Question
01/03/2012<a href="deca#comment-68773" class="active">Excellent quotes from the paper</a>Deca, an LtU-friendly bare metal systems programming language
12/27/2011It is interesting that the timekeeping kernel ...Programmer Archeologists
12/28/2011In addition, reading speed variesInterview [Video] -&gt; Simon Peyton-Jones - Closer to Nirvana
01/02/2012But why have uninitialized references?Designing a languge — what theory is a must?
11/20/201150 lines per function?REPL-schmepl?
11/25/2011Mindshare is capped and zero-sumXtend. Yet another "better Java" language; this time from Eclipse. Built with Xtext.
10/26/2011He is also responsible for the conditional expressionJohn McCarthy has passed
10/13/2011While not a one-liner, I like this best....Dennis Ritchie passed away
10/10/2011I think that's the key pointGoogle's Dart announced
10/31/2011Blubland is where we liveGoogle's Dart announced
10/06/2011He always seemed just another salesman CEO to meOpen thread: RIP Steve Jobs
06/13/2012Of course there areOpen thread: RIP Steve Jobs
10/02/2011What you're asking is this:Type safety in libraries
10/02/2011Scheme was not designed to be immediately usefulCritical Programming Language Design
09/23/2011See XQuery UpdatePiecewise functional programming
09/15/2011* VBScript, anyone?Google's "The Future of JavaScript" internal memo leaked
09/03/2011Chibithe gnu extension language
08/20/2011Does anyone know the source of the SPJ quote?Delimited Continuations Blues?
07/23/2011Not necessarilyImplementor's guide/tutorial to delimited continuations?
07/14/2011I too have read only the abstract ...The Last Language?
06/28/2011All readers aren't alikeHow to explain a new programming language?
06/27/2011"software systems are pervasively inconsistent"?Wittgenstein versus Turing on Inconsistency Robustness
03/05/2012* Only if you insist ...Wittgenstein versus Turing on Inconsistency Robustness
06/22/2011Reserved words and SchemeThe Value Of Syntax?
06/28/2011R5RS made lexical scoping universalThe Value Of Syntax?
05/25/2011In effect, you are paying the authors ...The Architecture of Open Source Applications
05/18/2011Chrome failJavascript x86 interpreter runs Linux in a browser.
05/18/2011Missionaries went to the South Seas to do good ...Why is tail call optimization an issue in GC'd languages?
05/13/2011Never work on a project that interests you....In search of inspiration
04/19/2011A better link ...First draft of Scheme R7RS small language available
04/20/2011It is a small irritationFirst draft of Scheme R7RS small language available
04/14/2011Actually, there are function expressions ...Redhat's New Language
04/08/2011"Enjoy" is not the word I'd use...Kona
03/28/2011No, it isn'tExtensible nesting of classes
03/22/2011AmenBob Harper of CMU is blogging about programming languages and introductory CS education
03/11/2011Normal lazy languages ...Strict data constructors + non-strict application?
03/11/2011SimpleSchemas for JSON?
03/06/2011Pure R5RS implementation of keywordsKeyword and Optional Arguments in PLT Scheme
02/25/2011A few other pointsEero, an Objective-C Dialect
02/15/2011Your macros aren't hygienic, thoughExtending Syntax from Within a Language
02/16/2011Gensyms aren't enoughExtending Syntax from Within a Language
02/16/2011The latterExtending Syntax from Within a Language
02/15/2011You should take a look at PureEla, dynamic functional language
01/21/2011PureI've run out of programming languages to study
01/16/2011Algol 60Evaluation strategies: authoritative reference?
02/16/2011On pronouncing Niklaus Wirth's nameEvaluation strategies: authoritative reference?
12/07/2010Why not Cheney on the MTA?Continuation-Passing C: Compiling threads to events through continuations
12/03/2010Indeed the inequality test used to be commonplaceTolerant vs. Demanding Software
12/30/2010Indeed.Tolerant vs. Demanding Software
10/29/2010* Alas, the graph is not a dodecahedron any moreLand of Lisp
10/27/2010C+@The Myths of Object-Orientation
10/25/2010Here's my best shot:Languages with ANSI Standards
10/12/2010Well, sometimes you areThe barrier to take-up of language innovation
10/04/2010$VAUs vs. fexprsFexprs as the basis of Lisp function application; or, $vau: the ultimate abstraction
10/05/2010No surprise....Fexprs as the basis of Lisp function application; or, $vau: the ultimate abstraction
10/08/2010Plain R5RS Scheme has ...Fexprs as the basis of Lisp function application; or, $vau: the ultimate abstraction
09/26/2010To put it naively...Omega - Language of the Future
08/28/2010Afrikaans is not a creole,Sapir-Whorf 70 years on
08/28/2010Indeed, both Sapir and Whorf *presupposed* it.Sapir-Whorf 70 years on
08/27/2010* In Java classes are package-private by default.The Grafwegen Hi Compiler named Hic release 0.1
08/16/2010Mesa worked like that.Mod sys with external binding of mods to mod sigs, where all mod imports must be sigs only
08/16/2010Unhindered?Miguel de Icaza on Java lawsuit
03/20/2011* In the forward or the reverse direction?does your language need a memory model?
08/02/2010Early flavors of Smalltalk did what you describeLooking for a language like...
07/23/2010* Mirah is the new name for Duby.The Mirah Language
05/11/2010Same old same oldDesignerUnits
05/12/2010The classical covariance example...A solution to the catcall problem in Eiffel
10/30/2011It's enforceable by lawsuitiPhone PL lockdown
04/12/2010That's unwarrantedly pessimisticiPhone PL lockdown
04/07/2010HOFs imply a calling conventionHigher order functions vs. function arity and calling conventions
04/08/2010Well, fineHigher order functions vs. function arity and calling conventions
03/19/2010~~ sigh ~~First-class environments. Discuss. ;)
03/22/2010Hey, I'm a member tooFirst-class environments. Discuss. ;)
03/22/2010Mr. Lord's claims of unjust treatment are just that -- claimsFirst-class environments. Discuss. ;)
03/24/2010ISLisp is also statically compilable...First-class environments. Discuss. ;)
03/17/2010Pedersen's LawOn the (Alleged) Value of Proof for Assurance
12/03/2010Sturgeon's law is about bad execution, not bad conceptionOn the (Alleged) Value of Proof for Assurance
03/08/2010Hence the joke:Alternative method for defining statically typed variables
03/07/2010The same anew, the same anewAlternative method for defining statically typed variables
03/05/2010All you need is lambda, dah dah dah dah ...LISP basis for computable functions on S-Expressions.
03/08/2010Decides whether to -- but how?LISP basis for computable functions on S-Expressions.
02/27/2010In the winter of 2010 ...large-scale programming systems inspired by ecological and market systems
02/16/2010Hello, sailor!Historical question
02/16/2010See also ...Recent Progress in Quantum Algorithms
06/02/2010I think that means ....Why prolog is by far the best, most productive, easiest programming language
02/05/2010Dots and the dotAlternatives to parentheses for grouping
02/01/2010I'm not sure it would be safe to learn it...Babel-17 v0.2 spec is out
02/11/2010A few comments on the languageBabel-17 v0.2 spec is out
02/12/2010Pure and Babel-17 are dynamically typed ...Babel-17 v0.2 spec is out
02/12/2010By "there are no 1-tuples" I mean ...Babel-17 v0.2 spec is out
01/29/2010To my mind, the whole point of macro languages....more consistent macros?
12/20/2009I wouldn't worry about itDirect Inference in Direct Logic(TM)
12/14/2009You might want to look at PureHaskell and logic
12/15/2009Pirahã doesn't really have a "one, two, many" systemClaiming Infinity
11/11/2009MixedGo or Unladen Swallow?
10/30/2009Intent is not enoughLiterate Programming: Retrospect and Prospects
10/28/2009Desperately seeking monomorphic typingDesperately seeking monomorphic typing
10/28/2009Types = subsetsWhat is a Type?
10/19/2009That's not the point.Lisps, First-Class Special Forms, Fexprs, The Kernel Programming Language
10/15/2009Chibi Scheme, perhaps?Standard, simple subset of Scheme for experimentation?
09/18/2009FrogsContext Driven Scheme Objects
09/13/2009Originally in Scheme ...Background of call/cc
08/27/2009The paradox of backward compatibilityReview NP-complete Library Versioning Problem
09/02/2009This is a misinterpretation of my anecdoteReview NP-complete Library Versioning Problem
08/21/2009No, it will notScheme to be split into two languages
08/20/2009Definitely not.Why determinism matters in language design.
08/21/2009I think your argument proves too muchWhy determinism matters in language design.
08/14/2009Is the name a calque on Chinese dōngxi...Eastwest: a new programming language and structure editor
08/17/2009Spaces were allowed, colons were trailing.Eastwest: a new programming language and structure editor
08/14/2009Well, you might as well get the creditEastwest: a new programming language and structure editor
07/27/2009Cheney on the MTA is essentially the same trick...Representing Control in the Presence of First-Class Continuations
07/16/2009Perhaps because time isn't everythingUnladen Swallow: LLVM based Python compiler
06/18/2009Let's not forget Basic...Perlis Languages
06/08/2009Mergeable with David Durand's PalimpsestA Case for Gestures/Visualizations and Against Concrete Syntax
05/23/2009"As explicit and unambiguous as possible"?Deriving Functions to Work on Different Types of Data
05/11/2009Actually notC++ Frequently Questioned Answers
05/19/2009Re: More a question of the defaultC++ Frequently Questioned Answers
05/04/2009If you think about what a Z is ...Static typing may require runtime type checking?
04/29/2009What makes it not Haskell?YAPL - yet another programming language
04/24/2009Since the rhyme begins "Rub-a-dub-dub, three men in a tub" ...Butcher, Baker or CandlestickMaker
03/11/20094. Three words ...Languages and security: a short reading list
07/22/2009* I think you had it right the first time, too.What Are The Resolved Debates in General Purpose Language Design?
07/22/2009There is only one UnicodeWhat Are The Resolved Debates in General Purpose Language Design?
07/22/2009Fortran implementation bugsWhat Are The Resolved Debates in General Purpose Language Design?
11/30/2008Chicken Scheme does exactly thatClojure: Trampoline for mutual recursion
11/30/2008It's traditional ...Clojure: Trampoline for mutual recursion
11/26/2008Gold and greenrefereed journal with open access?
11/30/2008I'm glad to hear itrefereed journal with open access?
11/06/2008Length-sensitive array types considered harmfulQuestion concerning parameterization over literals
11/06/2008Bad link?Liquid Metal project, Lime language: Java for FPGA co-processors
10/24/2008What, is he only born halfway through the book?Review of Practical API Design by Jaroslav Tulach
10/23/2008A difference that makes no difference is no differenceWhy do OOPLs type objects as classes?
10/15/2008Joy is functionalIn which sense Joy is functional?
10/12/2008It's the fault of all you Haskell programmersNo more tail calls in Javascript?
09/24/2008Multiple inheritance with a single global ordering of classesMultiple inheritance with a single global ordering of classes
08/21/2008APL does thisLooking for an auto-lifting language.
08/20/2008Not much more helpfulError Messages in Dynamically Typed Languages
08/20/2008XML DTDs and RELAX NG compact schemas use #3Languages without operator precedence
08/06/2008Old? Bah.Mondrian is going to the museum
07/21/2008Some neat examples from the 1980 paperA System to Understand Incorrect Programs
07/11/2008Quantrix ModelerIn search for a programming language to replace spreadsheets.
06/03/2008SchemeMultiple Value Return - Common Lisp vs. Tuples and destructuring
06/04/2008Now that I think about it....Multiple Value Return - Common Lisp vs. Tuples and destructuring
05/27/2008You can try...Software complexity as means of professional advancement
05/27/2008OopsSoftware complexity as means of professional advancement
05/20/2008A fact isLinear Logical Algorithms
05/15/2008Forward search against real timeLogical Algorithms
05/05/2008And monotremes are oviparousArrows generalise monads and idioms
04/25/2008Dao 1.0 preview version is released
04/15/2008Actually I have seen it beforemore power and less verbiage
03/16/2008The immediate point is thatLisp creates lisp
03/13/2008Scheme has something like thatVariation of C's inline conditional
03/02/2008My wife and I are co-operating modules...Confused Deputies in Programming Languages
02/29/2008Bell-LaPadula and type safetyBell-LaPadula and type safety
03/05/2008Thanks, but ...Bell-LaPadula and type safety
02/28/2008null = unspecifiedIs null needed?
02/18/2008The link above is brokenUniform naming
02/06/2008See also the discussionDoes anyone know of work done on co-data-types?
01/19/2008The sequencing mini-languageFlower: a new way to write web services
01/08/2008Well, if you want 1.5-dimensionality,The Land of the Terminal
09/30/2007How unfortunate!Leave of absence
07/06/2007MesaHOPL-III: Modula-2 and Oberon
07/02/2007LuaGood Language Design Principals for Scripting Languages
06/12/2007Brzozowski derivatives and RELAX NGDerivatives of Regular Expressions
06/03/2007How the Chicken Scheme compiler worksHow the Chicken Scheme compiler works
05/03/2007Useful notes from the Unix traditionRules of good declarative language design
05/02/2007Ummm....SICP picture
05/02/2007ThanksSICP picture
05/02/2007I doubt itIs Integer wrapping an exceptional condition?
03/23/2007What does that make the rest of us programmers?No Ifs, Ands, or Buts
03/13/2007Dynamic bindingPico Lisp: A Case for Minimalist Interpreters?
03/02/2007John CowanNon-Applicative Functional Languages
02/21/2007Both words are used equivocallyTypes vs classes: what is the difference?
02/19/2007Yes, but...Dimensional analysis typing
02/17/2007A hintUnexpected lisp setf behaviour
02/12/2007* You might say the same of Isaac Newton50 years of “Syntactic Structures”
04/10/2011Yes, but...What is a "fully featured closure"? Request for comments.
01/19/2007As expectedScheme: Second R6RS draft published
01/03/2007Behavior of the "quote" tagMissing style for &lt;quote&gt;?
08/03/2006Lisp is Lisp and Scheme is SchemeLisp Beginer seeking for advice
08/02/2006Covariant arguments aren't type safeCovariance and typing
07/14/2006HOPL-I and HOPL-IIHOPL III and the History of Haskell
07/06/2006Only works in Allegro CLCLPython - an implementation of Python in Common Lisp
06/21/2006Primitive recursionRules for Developing Safety-Critical Code
06/08/2006And then there's QWhy Are ALL Programming Languages So Low Level?
06/06/2006Termination and resumptionCommon Lisp Exception Handling
05/16/2006Threads without shared state are processesThe Problem With Threads
05/04/2006John Cowan is an "ex" troglodyteYour favourite editor/IDE
04/12/2006Very like Common LispFlexible Addition of Static Typing to Dynamically Typed Programs
04/24/2006Lotus Improv -&gt; Quantrix ModelerFunctional Programming Has Reached The Masses; It's Called Visual Basic
04/06/2006It's the libraries that make your code GPLEiffel Studio adds GPL version
06/26/2006Minimal typesScheme Language Steering Committee Report to the Community
06/26/2006Withdrawn SRFIsScheme Language Steering Committee Report to the Community
02/03/2006RobustnessUnix as programming language
01/30/2006SatherA-Posteriori Subtyping: Which Languages?
01/02/2006See the neighboring thread on "The new old"Dataflow languages and hardware - current status and directions
01/02/2006Welcome to the world's most widespread dataflow architecture!The new old or The "Return" to Concurrency
02/03/2006Named pipes and local-domain sockets aren't interchangeableThe new old or The "Return" to Concurrency
02/03/2006Python generators are flatThe new old or The "Return" to Concurrency
02/03/2006Even heavyweight concurrency is pretty lightweight nowadaysThe new old or The "Return" to Concurrency
12/31/2005Just making them private doesn't help, thoughReturn of the Global Variables?
12/02/2005Functional languages aren't hard; laziness is hardThe breaking point of language usability?
12/01/2005Scheme and JavaNew languages for OS level programming?
11/22/2005Void and void * in CDependent types: literature, implementations and limitations ?
11/04/2005Not actually valid SchemeElegant Method of binding a function variable
10/14/2005That comes straight from Algol 60Expressions vs Statements
10/10/2005Are you sure, human?The Church-Turing Thesis: Breaking the Myth
10/12/2005Confusion of levelsXNHTML
10/06/2005C-Intercal does it with panacheControl-Flow Integrity
09/30/2005APL looping is implicit"The Anatomy of a Loop"
10/03/2005Proper loops"The Anatomy of a Loop"
10/05/2005Lisp, the programmable programming language"The Anatomy of a Loop"
09/16/2005The Q equational term rewriting languageMost Productive FP Lang?
08/31/2005NeTREXX is particularly interestingREXX Introduction
09/02/2005WellREXX Introduction
08/30/2005Perl/Python/Lua controlTim Bray on Ruby
08/24/2005All planes work like thatShould Computer Science Get Rid of Protocols?
08/23/2005To each his ownWhen to create syntax?
08/24/2005Algol 68 had thatWhen to create syntax?
08/24/2005Pico has proceduring tooWhen to create syntax?
08/09/2005Q seems to show otherwiseAardappel and visual programming
08/10/2005The semantics of JoyConcatenative Language Kont
08/05/2005The paradox of operator overloadingHave scripting languages peaked?
08/06/2005Yes, I fat-fingered it.Have scripting languages peaked?
08/01/2005Not newLanguage Evolution applied to PLT
08/01/2005Algol: a great improvement on its successorsNew Fortress Specification
07/23/2009Papers inaccessibleLisp-Stat does not seem to be in good health lately.
08/24/2005Well, for the record, I don't drink alcoholEducational Pearl: Automata as Macros
07/17/2012* Gone, alas!Commentary on Standard ML
10/05/2005[offtopic] Bizarrely, there are people like thisIan Bicking: The challenge of metaprogramming
12/15/2008I never saw this myself, but ...Shoot-out: most annoying compiler error message

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