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05/01/2010Pure Languages = Immutable DataAny research on garbage collection for a pure langauge?
04/20/2010Not sure if thisSeeking thoughtful criticisms of functional programming and languages
03/17/2010determining subsumption of regular languagesdetermining subsumption of regular languages
03/18/2010Nontrivial patternsdetermining subsumption of regular languages
10/27/2009What is a Type?What is a Type?
10/28/2009ThanksWhat is a Type?
10/23/2009clarificationLanguages and systems for edge-computing?
09/29/2009dependent types would be niceHow to respect language styles while translating?
09/06/2009Calculus of ConstructionsLogic operations on types
08/30/2009wikipediaComputer Science/Mathematical Notations
08/17/2009this kindof seems likeCategories, the homemade object system
08/30/2009My interpretationCategories, the homemade object system
08/31/2009two different goalsCategories, the homemade object system

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