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08/31/2010PL as creoleSapir-Whorf 70 years on
08/31/2010On attitudesSapir-Whorf 70 years on
08/04/2010Broken linkCFP: PEPM 2011
07/30/2010Look inside!Book: Pearls of Functional Algorithm Design
07/30/2010At the risk of being redundant...It's been ten years!
02/06/2010Quine, as wellAlternatives to parentheses for grouping
02/06/2010A very old idea...Continuity Analysis of Programs
12/22/2009"Promise" vs "potential" (a meta-reply)Unfulfilled Promises of Software Technologies? (!)
12/07/2009Last big step?Is Small Still Beautiful?
11/16/2009Ten years further back...Seeking nearly anything re: so called language "bootstrapping" process
09/26/2009SketchingWhy Pseudo-Code?
06/16/2009If I may...How Does Our Language Shape The Way We Think?
03/10/2009Re "mother nature" and "combining stuff"Influence of cognitive models on programming language design
12/20/2008Plastic wrapIf Programming Languages were <T>
11/24/2008re Guarded CommandsGuy Steele & Richard Gabriel: 50 in 50
10/29/2008Source code analysis vs. static analysisAutomated Code Review Tools for Security
10/29/2008Not always a tradeoffAutomated Code Review Tools for Security
09/19/2008Another perspectiveIs API evolution of exceptions special?
09/19/2008FootnoteIs API evolution of exceptions special?
08/10/2008Two quick answersUsefullness of constants
08/10/2008Oops!Usefullness of constants
08/10/2008I was waiting...Balancing the tension of dev vs. debug?
09/09/2008Implementations are useless. Only languages make them useful.Multiple Value Return - Common Lisp vs. Tuples and destructuring
05/28/2008Agreed. Twice.Software complexity as means of professional advancement
05/06/2008Uncountabilityprogramming languages and facial hair
04/26/2008There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio2nd Revision of "Thoughts about the Best Introductory Language"
03/14/2008Groovy alsoVariation of C's inline conditional
02/14/2008How about Ackermann?Recursive Algorithms that cannot be expresses with Tail-Recursion?
01/05/2008Math is communicated through languageProtium ..
12/10/2007Re "arbitrary" objectsfunctions, statements, expressions
12/11/2007Yes, you can!functions, statements, expressions
12/11/2007Is "general" precise?functions, statements, expressions
12/10/2007Not true twicefunctions, statements, expressions
10/07/2007An idea whose time keeps coming aroundIt's Time to Stop Calling Circuits "Hardware"
10/08/2007You say "potato" and I say "otatap" ;-)It's Time to Stop Calling Circuits "Hardware"
08/29/2007Too many levels, too many definitionsWhat is a state?
08/30/2007StatelessnessWhat is a state?
01/01/2007One-sided rangesWhy numbering should start at 0
01/03/2007Empty sequenceWhy numbering should start at 0
01/03/2007"Intuition" and "end users" are dangerous phrasesWhy numbering should start at 0
03/30/2006bitwise and boolean"Semi-complete" Boolean Evaluation?
06/02/2009Haskell ...Social science research about programming language adoption?
05/02/2009ANTLRsource code conversion
12/28/2007210?expressivity of "idiomatic C++"
06/23/2009Level of concern?Stupid Question.
07/26/2008"Missing division or section name"Shoot-out: most annoying compiler error message
07/26/2008Pardon the self-reply...Shoot-out: most annoying compiler error message
10/23/2008Updated linksElementary Category Theory

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