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11/30/2006How to formulate a typeMechanized Metatheory Model-Checking
11/28/2006Not enough infoNew Object Model Demo
11/29/2006Nice exampleNew Object Model Demo
11/30/2006Theory of programming languagesThe Future of LtU
11/30/2006to discuss PLs informed by theoryThe Future of LtU
11/24/2006blazerProgramming Language Research Search Engine
11/18/2006The replay bugThe replay bug
11/18/2006DebuggerThe replay bug
11/19/2006"Getting Started"The replay bug
11/20/2006Continuation passing styleThe replay bug
11/17/2006CombinationAbstractly typed languages
11/17/2006How about relying on depth for orderingAbstractly typed languages
11/17/2006E security modelSecond Life Faces Threat to its Virtual Economy
11/12/2006Thank you for theDodo
11/13/2006Unfortunately I won't beDodo
11/15/2006Well I take it for grantedDodo
11/13/2006Dodo qualifiersDodo
11/13/2006I hate loopsDodo
11/14/2006Map, filter, foldDodo
11/14/2006Not concatenationDodo
11/14/2006I am not sure why you useDodo
11/20/2006Continuation passing styleDodo
11/22/2006Programming with continuationsDodo
11/22/2006call/cc versus CPSDodo
11/19/2006Algebraic data typeDodo
11/18/2006Java sandwichUnderstanding continuations
11/18/2006Not quite right...Understanding continuations
11/20/2006Re: Continuations don't repeatUnderstanding continuations
11/21/2006Is it just me or is itUnderstanding continuations
11/22/2006Scheme call/ccUnderstanding continuations
11/22/2006Re: Is it just me or is itUnderstanding continuations
11/22/2006Add a "throw-away" continuationUnderstanding continuations

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