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08/07/2011Program Calculation Properties of Continuous AlgebrasHelp finding a (working ?) paper revisiting the Meijer-Fokkinga-Patterson classic
06/20/2011Bananas in spaceCatamorphisms and anamorphisms = general or primitive recursion?
05/18/2011TransfoldPatterns in Functional Programming
09/25/2010Pearls of Functional Algorithm Design publishedBook: Pearls of Functional Algorithm Design
04/03/2009I'm not sure what you meanzip in the point free style
03/02/2010JFP editorial on Functional PearlsFunctional Pearls
03/13/2007Composition and delegationImplementation Inheritance
03/04/2007The algebra of programmingNon-Applicative Functional Languages
01/23/2007Partiality is an effectTotal Functional Programming
05/22/2006Linear-time minimum via quicksortQuestion about Lazy-ness and algorithmic runtime analysis
05/30/2006What a software developer doesProofs are Programs: 19th Century Logic and 21st Century Computing
02/19/2006Design patterns as higher-order datatype-generic programsFission for Program Comprehension
02/27/2006Shackles? I love 'emFission for Program Comprehension
02/14/2006Haskell classes (a plug)Combinators for contracts
01/24/2006Datatype genericitySpring School on Datatype-Generic Programming 2006
06/07/2007Print on demandAlgebra Of Programming (Bird, De Moor)

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