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11/17/2009The culprit is GHC (an old version)Go or Unladen Swallow?
01/25/2009Initializing arrays of immutable value ?Tony Hoare / Historically Bad Ideas: "Null References: The Billion Dollar Mistake"
11/21/2008No VoodooSubtyping + overloading
11/21/2008Counter-intuitive ?Subtyping + overloading
09/09/2008Your compiler could offerCan Lambda do things like arrays and matrixs? If so how?
09/03/2008Agreed but with reserveGoogle chrome
08/21/2008Are you subtly suggestingIn Praise of Scripting: Real Programming Pragmatism
08/23/2008While I appreciate yourIn Praise of Scripting: Real Programming Pragmatism
07/23/2008Haskell doesFP in D 2.0
12/23/2007Human readability ?Avi Bryant: Ruby IS-A Smalltalk
12/30/2007Scripting languages ?Examples of large-scale functional language projects
09/25/2008I've gone through the firstCourse on Interactive Computer Theorem Proving Based on Coq
02/28/2006Parrot not so quick ?Jon Udell: Multi-language runtimes

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