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01/15/2011This is about education: selling Fortress & higher abstraction!guy steele on how (not) to think of parallel programming
01/12/2011The "big recursive knot" issueThe AST Typing Problem
06/10/2009Missing the pointThe Myth of the Genius Programmer
01/05/2007Are Frames and Slots anything more that OO with a different name?Are Frames and Slots anything more that OO with a different name?
12/15/2006Duality between narrowing versus widening type inference algosPractical Type Inference Based on Success Typings
12/09/2006The worry about finding the functional developersCommercial Users of Functional Programming 2006
12/06/2006conditions should be composable"Folding"/FP traversal over trees
07/13/2006Formal framework for virtual machineWriting an interpreter, targeting a VM or writing from scratch?
06/13/2006Generative and Transformational TechniquesGenerative and Transformational Techniques
04/28/2006Could it be that it allows both representation simultaneouslyA Language-Based Approach to Unifying Events and Threads
04/25/2006The way development should be?Deconstructing Process Isolation
01/04/2006low correlation of dataflow languages versus architectureDataflow languages and hardware - current status and directions
10/19/2005Will C# take a more functional flavorCommercial Users of Functional Programming (CUFP)
10/10/2005Formal methods used in developing "profitable" softwareFormal methods used in developing "profitable" software
10/18/2005CUFP: Commercial Users of Functional ProgrammingFormal methods used in developing "profitable" software
02/24/2005DSL should target specific problems so there is little readingDesigning and Implementing DSL languages: recommended reading?

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