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08/13/2009Computers cannot workPerl Cannot Be Parsed: A Formal Proof
08/11/2009One attemptThe End of the GPU Roadmap
08/11/2009Open sourceThe End of the GPU Roadmap
08/11/2009Laziness should be a separate typeThe End of the GPU Roadmap
05/31/2009Point free style and ESNGoing functional on exotic trades
04/16/2009Containers?Generic Discrimination: Sorting and Partitioning Unshared Data in Linear Time
01/03/2009O(n log^2 n)?The Genuine Sieve of Eratosthenes
01/10/2009Oops: O(n^1.5 / log^3 n)The Genuine Sieve of Eratosthenes
03/29/2008enforcing tasteThe Disciplined Disciple Compiler
02/21/2008substitutabilityWhen Is A Functional Program Not A Functional Program?

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