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01/30/2008I think they moved to Presentation
10/17/2006Microsoft Research thinks Wirth is right :)Good Ideas, Through the Looking Glass
02/04/2006Hi!The Next Mainstream Programming Languages
02/09/2006which constraints must the new language fullfill?The Next Mainstream Programming Languages
01/17/2006available from: Vick: Language Design & Paying the UI "Tax"
01/11/2006Have alook at: Kamaelia - Concurrency, Networking, SimplicityThe new old or The "Return" to Concurrency
01/08/2005Spoken Language Support for Software DevelopmentSpeech-to-text friendly programming languages
01/17/2005Instead of sac use...The Free Lunch Is Over: A Fundamental Turn Toward Concurrency in Software
12/23/2004ANN: Harmonia-Mode Program Analysis Plug-in for XEmacsANN: Harmonia-Mode Program Analysis Plug-in for XEmacs

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