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10/14/2009Benefits?Safe Garbage Collection = Regions + Intensional Type Analysis
10/14/2009OK, that sounds good.Safe Garbage Collection = Regions + Intensional Type Analysis
04/12/2009Not mistakenJonathon Shapiro Wraps Up BitC
05/19/2008Interesting but probably pointlessHOPL-III: A History of Erlang
04/20/2008Comparison?Register Allocation by Proof Transformation
02/01/2008Need to learn how to use existing type systems firstThe YNot Project
08/22/2006JIT for JavaScript?Technometria: AJAX Progress and Challenges
05/30/2006ShedSkinType inference for Python
05/20/2006UI designGilad Bracha: Will Continuations continue?
05/20/2006MemoryGilad Bracha: Will Continuations continue?
05/20/2006Client-side stateGilad Bracha: Will Continuations continue?
05/20/2006CoolGilad Bracha: Will Continuations continue?
05/17/2006That's rather harshPaul Vick: BASIC principles
05/17/2006Massive opportunityPaul Vick: BASIC principles
05/17/2006REALbasic not actually compatiblePaul Vick: BASIC principles
05/18/2006Could be ...Paul Vick: BASIC principles
05/13/2006Non-null references?Non-null references?
05/15/2006Thanks!Non-null references?
05/12/2006NemerleThe case for Semantic Analysis
05/13/2006"Memory Safety Without Runtime Checks or Garbage Collection"Cyclone 1.0 released.
05/09/2006Examples?The Push Programming Language
05/09/2006Familiarity/appsThe Nature of Lisp (a tutorial)
05/13/2006Google not a substitute for centralised ChurchThe Nature of Lisp (a tutorial)
05/13/2006Relatively speaking ...The Nature of Lisp (a tutorial)
05/09/2006Personally ....Computer Science Looks for a Remake
05/09/2006ExperienceComputer Science Looks for a Remake
05/09/2006Experience changes your perspectiveComputer Science Looks for a Remake
05/09/20066/7 years?Computer Science Looks for a Remake
05/10/2006SDV not correctness proofComputer Science Looks for a Remake
05/04/2006Probably correctA note on distributed computing
05/09/2006Devil is in the detailsA note on distributed computing
04/18/2006SELinuxE Thesis: Robust Composition
02/02/2006A few thingsThe Next Mainstream Programming Languages
02/04/2006Especially with C++The Next Mainstream Programming Languages
02/05/2006Escape analysisThe Next Mainstream Programming Languages
02/05/2006Boehm GCThe Next Mainstream Programming Languages
01/27/2006jNodePromising OS's from a Programming Language Perspective
01/27/2006:(Promising OS's from a Programming Language Perspective
01/19/2006Macro LanguagesLisp is sin
01/19/2006Monkeys?Lisp is sin
01/19/2006And the other side of the coinLisp is sin
01/18/2006PracticalityJoel Spolsky views on CS education
01/19/2006RightJoel Spolsky views on CS education
11/30/2008Unreachable codeShoot-out: most annoying compiler error message

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