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01/06/2005Speech-to-text friendly programming languagesSpeech-to-text friendly programming languages
01/06/2005Interesting, thanks. Not surSpeech-to-text friendly programming languages
01/08/2005This is excellent stuff!Speech-to-text friendly programming languages
12/30/2004Paper on scalability of said systemsXQuery in Relational Database Systems
11/22/2004Jess?Little language for use within Java, suited for users to define "rules"
11/09/2004What modules does this site use? [OT]RSS feed for forum or responses?
11/09/2004Gotcha, thanks!RSS feed for forum or responses?
10/27/2004Can anyone point to a tutorial on J?Programming challenge
10/27/2004ThanksProgramming challenge
10/27/2004Looks like a change for the good so farScheme Language Standardization Process: R6RS Progress Report
10/23/2004Actually, it's that every successful AI program breaks brandMapReduce - functional programming in the REAL World
09/30/2004As a person who's been on the other side of this rule...Java and coolness, a discussion

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