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11/12/2009Tail calls...Compilation to C, a definitive guide?
11/15/2007Poor is an understatementDavid Pollak on lift
07/03/2007Lua-MLGood Language Design Principals for Scripting Languages
06/02/2006The Simple SolutionThe Weird World of Bi-Directional Programming
05/19/2006Somehow like haXeGoogle Web Toolkit
04/11/2006The worlds most popular functional language...Functional Programming Has Reached The Masses; It's Called Visual Basic
03/01/2006Mozilla/IELeak Free Javascript Closures
02/07/2006O'Reilly bookseWeek: 'Exotic' Programming Tools Go Mainstream
01/19/2006Shared state concurrency is hardScala 2
01/03/2006And, by the way...The new old or The "Return" to Concurrency
12/12/2005Logging in from "recent posts"Logging in from "recent posts"
11/24/2005Unix V[234567]Code Reading
11/24/2005Real ProgramsCode Reading
08/30/2005Practical Common LispReal-life use case - which PLs support it nicely?
07/06/2005Information densityMartin Fowler on Language Workbenches and DSLs
05/18/2005My favorite toy langugeBest route for new language to be self-hosting
04/27/2005Feeding trollsWhy do they program in C++?
04/25/2005ghilbertComputer generates verifiable mathematics proof
09/16/2005For what it's worth..expressivity of "idiomatic C++"
09/20/2005"some" reevaluation...expressivity of "idiomatic C++"
03/11/2005All the moneyJournals and papers?
02/21/2006Hou tu pranownse InglishMisspelling.
09/28/2004New COBOL programmsJava and coolness, a discussion
07/29/2004Vyper is missingVyper is missing
07/21/2004Blue TextFormatting hints from Mark
10/08/2003Re: Domain-specific and general-purpose aspects of spreadsheet languagesDomain-specific and general-purpose aspects of spreadsheet languages
09/02/2003Re: Felix: The power language for C++ programmersFelix: The power language for C++ programmers
08/11/2003Re: Udell: Symbol grounding, XML, and RDFUdell: Symbol grounding, XML, and RDF
04/23/2003Re: LojbanLojban
03/17/2003Re: An AWK to C++ TranslatorAn AWK to C++ Translator
02/04/2003Re: Guido van Rossum: Programming at Python SpeedGuido van Rossum: Programming at Python Speed
02/05/2003Re: Guido van Rossum: Programming at Python SpeedGuido van Rossum: Programming at Python Speed
11/08/2002Add citeseer to mozillaAdd citeseer to mozilla
09/06/2002Re: SchemeUnit and SchemeQL: Two Little LanguagesSchemeUnit and SchemeQL: Two Little Languages
03/25/2003Re: Generic Java type inference is unsoundGeneric Java type inference is unsound

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