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11/23/2008Yay!Guy Steele & Richard Gabriel: 50 in 50
06/17/2008Sorry..SWI-Prolog FFI Problem: Getting Prolog and C to work together on MacOS?
02/26/2008Hmm.."Don't become a scientist" discussion at HN
02/17/2008Probably Notsuccinctness
02/18/2008Power = Mass * Distance / Timesuccinctness
02/14/2008No.Recursive Algorithms that cannot be expresses with Tail-Recursion?
02/12/2008I'm not sure but..Lisaac: The power of simplicity at work for operating systems
02/12/2008I had a longer reply, but byLisaac: The power of simplicity at work for operating systems
02/13/2008I agree that having keywordsLisaac: The power of simplicity at work for operating systems
02/07/2008Yeah..Project LambdaCan
02/03/2008The power of wiki(?)FL programming language
02/01/2008Hmm..Don't try FP in industry!
02/07/2008Factor..Arc is released
01/14/2008Specialization is forComputer Science Education: Where Are the Software Engineers of Tomorrow?
01/08/2008Good / BadIo
01/24/2008Even without it evolving,Open Multi-Methods for C++
12/19/2007On that note..Concurrency with Scheme
12/13/2007Ambiguity?Avi Bryant: Ruby IS-A Smalltalk
12/14/2007Yes..Avi Bryant: Ruby IS-A Smalltalk
12/11/2007Well..Haskell, Turned Up To Eleven
12/17/2007Monads...poll: syntax
11/29/2007I don't really understand what's being asked...foundations for J, APL etc
10/15/2007F#Examples of large-scale functional language projects
09/30/2007Is it just that you'rePascal-P compiler annotated text
09/18/2007Strong Static Type SystemsDivaScheme
08/28/2007What about C++0x? I'd sayD Programming Language Conference
08/13/2007Squeak (mostly), Io, Lua,Generational Real-time Garbage Collection
08/18/2007I find it strange..creating my own programming language
08/01/2007When I watched the video ILanguage Nirvana - Simon Peyton-Jones
07/27/2007Not flame baitOr is it now?
07/06/2007Also unsurprisingly, theForth in hardware ("not dead yet")
06/29/2007I remember from reading theThe feasability of Haskell in Scheme
06/09/2007ECMAScript Edition 4 Reference ImplementationECMAScript Edition 4 Reference Implementation
06/09/2007I wasn't aware that SML wasECMAScript Edition 4 Reference Implementation
02/13/2008As I understand it,"Practical" advantages of lazy evaluation
05/23/2007I don't think type feedbackfunction overriding workaround in dynamically typed languages
05/24/2007Self is a dynamically typed,function overriding workaround in dynamically typed languages
05/26/2007You're right that JITs arefunction overriding workaround in dynamically typed languages
05/03/2007Wouldn't wearing the SICPSICP picture
05/14/2007Perhaps but note that forMicrosoft's new Dynamic Language Runtime (DLR)
05/08/2007This is my one big complaintThe Monad.Reader
04/14/2007I think that scheme is theThoughts about the Best Introductory Language
04/29/2007I really disagree with you.Thoughts about the Best Introductory Language
04/09/2007Well, functional does not"Declarative" or "Functional"
04/06/2007Tell the user to downloadLiving it up with a Live Programming Language
03/09/2007GHCLightweight static resources
02/18/2007Yes, the only realEasy to learn and use
02/12/2007Something likeSMP Erlang vs. Haskell vs. ML
01/10/2007Slots and PrototypingAre Frames and Slots anything more that OO with a different name?
08/11/2007Very very very OT...Formal methods for O/R mapping

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