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10/19/2010Just FYI, on the apologyCompiler Design Q&A Site
04/09/2009Or maybe too intuitive?Why are objects so unintuitive?
04/11/2009Perhaps a problem with the approachWhy are objects so unintuitive?
04/11/2009I thought the link wasWhy are objects so unintuitive?
04/11/2009The approach you outlinedWhy are objects so unintuitive?
04/15/2009That's what C++0x concepts addressWhy are objects so unintuitive?
12/01/2008They list the ACMrefereed journal with open access?
07/16/2008As for pointer safety andPractical Bits of Making a Compiler for a New Language
05/29/2008Perhaps you also read thisSoftware complexity as means of professional advancement
08/20/2007One little mistakeA question on free variable capture.
08/01/2007I know what you mean, butMonad Description For Imperative Programmer
08/01/2007Where do I mention categoryMonad Description For Imperative Programmer
08/02/2007ExactlyMonad Description For Imperative Programmer
11/29/2006If you allow stack-basedC++ has indeed become too "expert friendly"
09/21/2006PriceLectures on the Curry-Howard Isomorphism
08/02/2006Covariant membersCovariance and typing
06/22/2006Already being consideredPetition for adding garbage collection to C++.
06/23/2006Source?Petition for adding garbage collection to C++.
06/11/2006Just shortly after I7 wasInform 7: A relational DSL for interactive fiction with natural language syntax
06/08/2006I think you're leaningWhy Are ALL Programming Languages So Low Level?
05/04/2006VIM everywhereYour favourite editor/IDE
05/04/2006You should really askYour favourite editor/IDE
05/04/2006Last word on it ...Your favourite editor/IDE
04/24/2006AssignmentFunctional single argument style object oriented programming
04/06/2006My Java is quite rustypublic vs. published interfaces
04/10/2006The purpose of the extensionpublic vs. published interfaces
04/10/2006My opinion was based onpublic vs. published interfaces
01/31/2006This got me seriously confused ...Weak vs. strong typing
01/20/2006Programming as artLisp is sin
01/03/2006Being a victim of an all-JavaJoel Spolsky views on CS education
12/12/2008It can be found onExplaining monads

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