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05/02/2012interestingCommon Lisp: The Untold Story
04/21/2012If you watch the videoWhy and How People Use R
03/01/2012IoMassive Numbers of Actors vs. Massive Numbers of Objects vs. ????
12/04/2011yes!General purpose as a special case?
12/15/2011KuhnGeneral purpose as a special case?
10/25/2011xkcdJohn McCarthy has passed
10/28/2011dittoJohn McCarthy has passed
10/14/2011old-timersDennis Ritchie passed away
10/14/2011still a bit oddDennis Ritchie passed away
10/14/2011Ars TechnicaDennis Ritchie passed away
10/15/2011YeahDennis Ritchie passed away
10/15/2011Interesting. Thanks.Dennis Ritchie passed away
10/15/2011Yes I do. Why did it lookDennis Ritchie passed away
10/15/2011Sorry: I can't locateDennis Ritchie passed away
10/17/2011Thanks. That's exactly whatDennis Ritchie passed away
10/03/2011Ola Bini's blog on Ioke and SethLanguage/Compiler design blogs?
09/11/2011+1What needs to be done?
09/11/2011general-purposeThe Trouble with Erlang
06/27/2011I like your conclusionWittgenstein versus Turing on Inconsistency Robustness
06/27/2011Good for him.Wittgenstein versus Turing on Inconsistency Robustness
06/27/2011Cool. There are also manyWittgenstein versus Turing on Inconsistency Robustness
06/28/2011Lovely quote! (And generallyWittgenstein versus Turing on Inconsistency Robustness
06/28/2011Wittgenstein thought veryWittgenstein versus Turing on Inconsistency Robustness
06/28/2011Interesting. Thanks. IWittgenstein versus Turing on Inconsistency Robustness
08/15/2011bibliographyWittgenstein versus Turing on Inconsistency Robustness
06/28/2011Exactly. People may claimWittgenstein versus Turing on Inconsistency Robustness
06/28/2011Surprising, yes,The Value Of Syntax?
05/28/2011history of ideasRob Pike: Public Static Void
06/06/2011In general I might agreeRob Pike: Public Static Void
06/07/2011Ah yes, fair enough.Rob Pike: Public Static Void
06/10/2011Off topic here, but I thinkRob Pike: Public Static Void
06/12/2011Thanks, yes, but also IRob Pike: Public Static Void
06/07/2011for OR againstRob Pike: Public Static Void
05/16/2011I've had no trouble getting2011 APL Programming Contest is Open
05/13/2011LOLAre You Using the Right Axiomatic System?
05/13/2011I agreeIn search of inspiration
03/27/2011NuProgramming on an iPhone
03/09/2011syntaxAmbient Oriented Programming (AmOP)
06/28/2011Aha. Thanks.Ambient Oriented Programming (AmOP)
03/10/2011Metaphor-Oriented ProgrammingAmbient Oriented Programming (AmOP)
03/11/2011jokeAmbient Oriented Programming (AmOP)
02/25/2011NuEero, an Objective-C Dialect
02/20/2011Turing versus WittgensteinTractatus Digito-Philosophicus
02/20/2011very niceTractatus Digito-Philosophicus
11/19/2009"Are there true systemsGo or Unladen Swallow?
11/19/2009Er, ONLY the frameworkGo or Unladen Swallow?
11/19/2009Right. In these senses, theGo or Unladen Swallow?
07/10/2012Wow!Conversations with the Creators of Major Programming Languages
07/04/2011Now that many languages (a)Non-English-Based Programming Languages
07/05/2011Very interesting.Non-English-Based Programming Languages

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