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06/02/2008Wadler and FindlerTypes Considered Harmful
01/10/2008JS SemanticsFeatherweight JavaScript?
10/13/2006getWebServiceObject_e (and friends)Flapjax - Functional Reactive Ajax
10/22/2006A command-line compiler is now available!Flapjax - Functional Reactive Ajax
10/02/2006Bottom upAn Incremental Approach to Compiler Construction
10/01/2006PolyglotWhich Java compiler for a student/research project?
07/15/2006"Correct" mental model?Predicting programming course success from a single entrance exam
02/08/2006Have you ever used web continuations?Programming Languages: Application and Interpretation
02/03/2006AOPPackaging Data And Methods
11/10/2005Unicode, generalityCaSe SenSitIviTy! What is its purpose in programming language syntax?
10/30/2005Predictive Types, Good GuessesDoes Visual Studio Rot the Mind?
10/14/2005HaskellImplementing Higher Order Messages
10/14/2005Single pass and cons cell reuseImplementing Higher Order Messages
10/14/2005A statement has type m () or m aExpressions vs Statements
10/06/2004ForthHouse , hOp - the Haskell Operating System
05/06/2004Re: miniKanren: A declarative applicative logic programming systemminiKanren: A declarative applicative logic programming system

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