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10/11/2007Naughty Dog games is the other lisp oneExamples of large-scale functional language projects
10/11/2007Wow.Examples of large-scale functional language projects
07/24/2007This reasearch employeeWrapping the Cloud with .NET
07/09/2007Why shouldn't the language provide this?The Evolution Of LINQ And Its Impact On The Design Of C#
06/20/2007Or to be more specificPython 3000 Status Update
06/20/2007Well debating intuitiveness is a lost cause...Python 3000 Status Update
06/20/2007Shouldn't langauge bashing go in the forum or comments?Python 3000 Status Update
06/19/2007Just wanted to note thatPLs and large scale development
05/25/2007I don't know if it's 'better'function overriding workaround in dynamically typed languages
05/10/2007The term 'generics operations' might be misleadingThe Monad.Reader
04/26/2007I hate to call it vaporware...Arc in action (a.k.a. it's aliiiiive!)
04/07/2007F# 1.9.1 releasedF# 1.9.1 released
03/05/2007Completely unrelated... but sorta in the same domainKourier is now live
02/25/2007GREAT! And a little depressing.The Computer Revolution Hasn't Happened Yet
02/09/2007To put it in a plt context...Better language tools
01/22/2007Software Composability and the Future of LanguagesSoftware Composability and the Future of Languages
01/22/2007tail recursion + mailbox simulates mutable variablesLCA2007: Concurrency and Erlang
01/13/2007Also think about interfaces....Intellisense for dynamic languages
01/10/2007More of a [minor] rant than a paper...Why people don't use functional programming?
02/08/2007Erlang actually has suprisingly good bit-twiddlingWhy people don't use functional programming?
01/05/2007LinkCharming Python: Decorators make magic easy
12/11/2006The erlang philosophy - Let it crash!Exceptions
12/11/2006To elaborate...Exceptions
11/13/2006ReflectionRandom "if it bends it is funny, if it breaks it isn't funny" line of thought
11/02/2006LCC?Compiler with easily retargetable and flexible back-end?
10/20/2006Looks like the .zip is corruptDelevoping a new language...
10/16/2006Ease of implementation...Block-scope
09/28/2006Hate to complain, but...Business Objects Quark - Haskell meets Java
09/19/2006RUR-PLEWhy Johnny can't code
09/18/2006Hate to be pedantic...Yield Prolog
09/12/2006Strongtalk goes open sourceStrongtalk goes open source
08/29/2006Joe Armstrong's BlogJoe Armstrong's Blog
08/28/2006May be true, but...Implementing arrays
08/24/2006"Green thread" or "microthread" is probably a better search termwhat are the differences between erlang process and pthread threads?
08/04/2006In case you thought it was a typo, it's on his CVeWeek: Sun Digging Deep for Dynamic Language Support
07/21/2006I wouldn't say the network is synchronousErlang concurrency: why asynchronious messages?
07/24/2006Somewhat off-topic article on leaky abstractionsErlang concurrency: why asynchronious messages?
07/14/2006Martin discussed this some on his blog at artima.comA Core Calculus for Scala Type Checking
06/02/2006StacklessTrying to get embedded python co-routines to work
05/19/2006I don't think it was 'wisdom'Google Web Toolkit
05/16/2006python 'types' were still first class objectsruby vs python
09/18/2006Videos of the presentations are out.Lang .NET 2006
11/18/2005NopeRuby the Rival
11/20/2005Dynamic behavior in JavaRuby the Rival

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