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06/03/2010Maybe try Pure?Algebraic
02/03/2010FaustFormal treatments (or examples of) of "function concatenation"?
02/14/2010Pure's tuplesBabel-17 v0.2 spec is out
11/28/2009Link for the bondi language?Pattern Calculus
11/30/2009IndeedPattern Calculus
09/01/2009LLVM not requiredApple "adds closures to C" in Mac OS X 10.6
05/24/2009PureDeriving Functions to Work on Different Types of Data
05/26/2009How does pure know that fDeriving Functions to Work on Different Types of Data
02/04/2008CSGLanguages and data conversions.
07/02/2007Q tutorialQ tutorial
07/03/2007Rewriting literatureQ tutorial
07/03/2007BertrandQ tutorial
07/04/2007Thanks. I must see that IQ tutorial
07/24/2009Bertrand and PureQ tutorial
01/15/2010Ocaml RT link?Reactive Programming
02/08/2007Metaprogramming in QProgramming Shorthands

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