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06/07/2012What's different?Aha! Programming Language
12/09/2011TrickyDesigning a languge — what theory is a must?
12/04/2011Why not?Proofs of a type system's safety?
11/05/2011Xtend. Yet another "better Java" language; this time from Eclipse. Built with Xtext.Xtend. Yet another "better Java" language; this time from Eclipse. Built with Xtext.
06/06/2011Community of one.Algebraic ABCs - Extending "types" in Python
04/23/2011"Side-effect free"?Nomenclature for impure functions
04/16/2011Just keep clicking.Coding at the Speed of Touch
04/15/2011Sometimes it's what you want.Redhat's New Language
04/15/2011Fortress found readability issues.Redhat's New Language
04/04/2011Goal?Compiler framework, insight?
03/23/2011Different reason?Bob Harper of CMU is blogging about programming languages and introductory CS education
03/11/2011Thrift, Avro, KwalifySchemas for JSON?
03/12/2011ContactSchemas for JSON?
03/11/2011More on the attribute/child distinction?Schemas for JSON?
03/12/2011Even more concrete?Schemas for JSON?
03/02/2011Not the entire method, right?Object capabilities for protecting object slots in prototype-based languages?
11/20/2010Typestate?Abstract state
11/15/2010Modular checking.Clojure's Solutions to the Expression Problem
11/15/2010Wadler's definitionClojure's Solutions to the Expression Problem
11/16/2010Reserved nameClojure's Solutions to the Expression Problem
11/17/2010Slightly confusingClojure's Solutions to the Expression Problem
09/06/2010Scala's type membersDependency injection via parameterized types (?!)
03/30/2010Simplicity is not a count of data structures.Small is Beautiful: the design of Lua
03/30/2010I'm talking about the model, not the implementation.Small is Beautiful: the design of Lua
03/31/2010Details?Small is Beautiful: the design of Lua
04/01/2010I think some views are ok...Small is Beautiful: the design of Lua
04/04/2010But 'concat' doesn't make sense for maps.Small is Beautiful: the design of Lua
03/28/2010Fantom was FanFantom language discussion ; what are your thoughts ?
03/31/2010Personal bias.Fantom language discussion ; what are your thoughts ?
03/28/2010Lexical scopingTcl the Misunderstood
04/01/2010And then I found out thatTcl the Misunderstood
03/17/2010DFA minimizationdetermining subsumption of regular languages
02/07/2010Spacing is precedence tooAlternatives to parentheses for grouping
12/08/2009Yi's incremental parsingDifferentiating Parsers
12/04/2009"live" vs "reachable"Why Object-Oriented Languages Need Tail Calls
10/01/2009Data's still being moved, just in the other directionSwarm now based on Scala 2.8, uses delimited continuations
08/11/2009Comparisons?Avoid a Void: eradicating null-pointer dereferencing
05/29/2009McCarthy's bugThat old bug...
04/18/2009Second Life and MonoHow to ensure safety when millions of users inject scripts into a running system?
03/31/2009A violation of subsumption or of something else?Subsumption at all costs
04/01/2009What is "semantic substitution"?Subsumption at all costs
01/22/2009Indentation-sensitive parsing.Extensible Term Language 0.2.1
01/19/2009Put the hidden parameter everywhere?Compilation/method resolution with structural subtyping
12/13/2008Seconded.Light(er) Reading Suggestions?
10/16/2008"The ability to move things around"In which sense Joy is functional?
10/09/2008GHC's term rewriting rulesDSL or dialects used inside compilers
09/17/2008A Java-like formalism for control flow analysis.A Java-like formalism for control flow analysis.
09/03/2008Wrong forum.Avoid -if- in the LOG function
09/03/2008Show what's differentReview of a potential pramming language: Lima
08/30/2008Should nested types capture type parameters?Should nested types capture type parameters?
08/30/2008That helps.Should nested types capture type parameters?
08/30/2008my "type" is more of a "type" + "namespace"Should nested types capture type parameters?
09/01/2008Closures can't be "built" from the outsideShould nested types capture type parameters?
08/19/2008Maybe C--?output language for new statically typed language?
08/11/2008Scala unifies field access and getter/setter functions.Usefullness of constants
07/22/2008Preprocessing. Just say no.What to do about comments?
07/27/2008Representing all information, not just a sliceWhat to do about comments?
04/18/2008Haskell type classes are implicit parameters.Static Typing and Expressivity
04/19/2008He understood more than I thoughtStatic Typing and Expressivity
04/19/2008I still don't understand monadsStatic Typing and Expressivity
04/10/2008What about the implicit parameters?Can local variables assignments be considered pure functional without monads?
04/11/2008An exampleCan local variables assignments be considered pure functional without monads?
07/22/2008More details?Is null needed?
01/07/2008The type operator is the thing that creates array types.(newbie question) Covariance and contravariance
11/12/2007Direct getters/settersDependent Classes
10/31/2007What I looked atPL research & grad schools?
09/06/2007Relational algebraQ: Modularizing SQL?
08/26/2007Boo's 'duck' is still dynamic, I think.Duck Typing advocated where?
08/22/2007Does this really work?Thread-safe Singleton in C#
06/28/2007Paper on Sing# language features.Singularity: Rethinking the Software Stack
05/22/2007Which phrase?Delegating Responsibility in Digital Systems: Horton's "Who Done It?"
05/08/2007Need the table to hold multiple types.Type-Safe Casts
04/10/2007These aren't the stacks you're looking for. Move along.Why can't you push instructions in MSIL/JVML
04/11/2007Maybe you should compile directly to machine code?Why can't you push instructions in MSIL/JVML
02/06/2007Stronger relationships between structuresStronger relationships between structures
12/13/2006Sing# PaperJava Open Review Project
12/11/2006Even simpler problemOptimal map API
12/11/2006What do you mean by "untyped"?The Problem with "dup" and "swap" in Stack-Based Languages
12/11/2006Tuple type inliningThe Problem with "dup" and "swap" in Stack-Based Languages
11/05/2006Java 5 has varargsCode generation vs. dynamic/introspective languages
10/13/2006A different erasure?Run time type checking
09/21/2006Generally-applicable syntactic sugarParser that allow syntax extensions
09/06/2006Not all of them are good.Closures for Java or money back
09/06/2006Java already has two units of abstractionClosures for Java or money back
08/04/2006The hard part is arbitrary memory reads and writes.The Killer Application for Concatenative Languages
07/22/2006The type systems don't match up.Revealing the X/O impedance mismatch
07/07/2006DebatableLexical structure of scripting languages
06/19/2006Java almost used +/-Variance and Generalized Constraints for C# Generics
06/20/2006Ergonomics?Variance and Generalized Constraints for C# Generics
06/15/2006Maybe because it doesn't exist?HLVM - High Level Virtual Machine toolkit for dynamic languages
06/17/2006Needs to be user-specifiableFirst Class Values, Types as values within a Programming Language
06/01/2006Feels like it'll explodeBuried Treasure - No Fluff Just Stuff
06/03/2006At the beginning of thisBuried Treasure - No Fluff Just Stuff
06/06/2006By "easy", I meant "doable" :)Buried Treasure - No Fluff Just Stuff
07/29/2006"override" is not uselessWhat do you believe about Programming Languages (that you can't prove (yet))?
03/31/2006Structural typingExtremely static language?
03/31/2006Typing is delicateExtremely static language?
03/31/2006Merd!Extremely static language?
03/09/2006Look at functional languages.Language Design Tips
02/26/2006duck typing is structural typingSignature Based Polymorphism, Structural Subtyping and Duck Typing
02/25/2006Not preciselysource code conversion
02/20/2006It's not static typing.Gilad Is Right
02/21/2006WhoopsGilad Is Right
02/19/2006It's not just you.Gilad Is Right
02/07/2006Eliminates some problems, but not allHow are GADTs useful in practical programming?
02/06/2006I am lazyExtensible Term Language
02/21/2006How does Ada do it?The Next Mainstream Programming Languages
02/21/2006FxCop can't be fully complete and sound.The Next Mainstream Programming Languages
01/27/2006Xok is microkernelishPromising OS's from a Programming Language Perspective
01/27/2006MicrokernelsPromising OS's from a Programming Language Perspective
01/28/2006If you can translate, then it's probably the same language.Programming Language transformation?
01/19/2006Me too post.Lisp is sin
01/12/2006Source Code + Whatever = ConfigurationWhat is considered source code?
01/04/2006Scala vs NiceRealistic Functional Programming in the Java Platform
11/17/2005Maybe linear constraints?What good is Strong Normalization in Programming Languages?
11/16/2005How does it differ from JVM or CLR?Neko 1.1 Released
11/10/2005Need case enforcementCaSe SenSitIviTy! What is its purpose in programming language syntax?
11/17/2005A couple more differences.Classification according to type vs function - An anecdote
11/09/2005Minimal data dependencies?Can one avoid monads?
11/09/2005TaPL reading tips: just skip the proofsType Nomenclature
10/20/2005Dynamic languagesBruce Tate: Technologies that may challenge Java
11/04/2005That fragment can be statically typed.Bruce Tate: Technologies that may challenge Java
10/20/2005Taking too much credit?C#: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow: An Interview with Anders Hejlsberg
10/10/2005Universal TMThe Church-Turing Thesis: Breaking the Myth
10/10/2005At least a hintThe Church-Turing Thesis: Breaking the Myth
10/10/2005random access machineThe Church-Turing Thesis: Breaking the Myth
08/24/2005Implicit lambdas in ScalaWhen to create syntax?
09/29/2005BooA Java/Python hybrid?
08/02/2005Directly to ASTConcrete Parse Tree to AST
08/02/2005downcasts, covariant arraysMore on the "generics are evil" meme
07/22/2005SpaceConcerning introspection and compilation.
07/22/2005Things I've noticed about dynamic typing peopleOn the Revival of Dynamic Languages
06/28/2005Why?Generics are a mistake?
07/01/2005Any cases where self types don't cut it?Generics are a mistake?
06/28/2005Exactly!Generics are a mistake?
06/20/2005Maya, NemerleEmbedded Languages in Java
06/15/2005They just picked one.Java Generics, Arrays, and Comparables
06/16/2005"Actually, that comes from thJava Generics, Arrays, and Comparables
06/01/2005Third TaPLBasic(er) Simple(r) Type Theory(?)
05/27/2005Maybe they meant function call graph.Generics: The Importance of Wildcards
05/27/2005Mutablity?Generics: The Importance of Wildcards
05/26/2005Laziness forces you to be honestTwo Thank Yous for Peter van Roy
05/13/2005Extensible type checker?Advanced Types in Qi
05/05/2005Yeah.From Perl Monks: "pissed off about functional programming"
04/14/2005XML is a distractionLinks
04/09/2005I agree.Links Slides
03/24/2005Scripting is a style of programmingScript Vs Java
03/10/2005If you tilt your head, it's still a tree.Exploiting parser ambiguity
03/09/2005List associativityExploiting parser ambiguity
12/13/2004Still need standardsTim Bray: Sun & Dynamic Java
12/09/2004Whitespace is differentCasting SPELs in Lisp
12/08/2004Denial of the antecedent?Definition of Type
11/02/2004Static DbC is typechecking, Unit tests are black-boxDesign By Contract in C
09/13/2004There's also a sorta-useful distinctionMore from Udell on typing
08/19/2004Builtin "Maybe" typesWell, that's one way of doing it...
08/26/2004Can't we have fully static proofs even with dynamic behavior?Why type systems are interesting - part II
07/23/2004Depends on your evaluation model.Having trouble with 'purity'
07/23/2004Correct, it's just a value.Having trouble with 'purity'
07/27/2004Types are important properties of your program.Why type systems are interesting
07/09/2004Guess...Slashdot: "Favourite Programming Language Features?"
06/24/2004"D" can infer template types?In the Spirit of C

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