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12/05/2007poll: syntaxpoll: syntax
12/05/2007motivationpoll: syntax
12/06/2007If we were picking languagespoll: syntax
12/06/2007The goal is to have a syntaxpoll: syntax
12/10/2007If the programmer never doespoll: syntax
12/10/2007Now, if I only couldpoll: syntax
12/10/2007mathpoll: syntax
12/10/2007IMHO, the difference betweenpoll: syntax
12/10/2007Syntax is not thatpoll: syntax
12/10/2007It's easier to read a piecepoll: syntax
12/10/2007Pythonpoll: syntax
12/10/2007I wasn't talking aboutpoll: syntax
12/10/2007At the same time, yourpoll: syntax
12/10/2007OKpoll: syntax
12/11/2007There are many reasons whypoll: syntax
12/11/2007Static typing, yes, I forgotpoll: syntax
12/14/2007Static typing has alwayspoll: syntax
12/10/2007I just wanted to end thepoll: syntax
12/10/2007Thanks a lot!poll: syntax
11/17/2005Fortress Specs Updated: 0.785Fortress Specs Updated: 0.785
11/18/2005don't think soFortress Specs Updated: 0.785

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