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01/03/2008Not for redistribution?The worker/wrapper transformation
05/11/2006PerformanceCyclone 1.0 released.
03/29/2006This is not about lazy evaluation"Semi-complete" Boolean Evaluation?
02/13/2006Is this a feature?Interval Datatype
11/10/2005Not trueCaSe SenSitIviTy! What is its purpose in programming language syntax?
10/24/2005Re: incremental algorithm helpIncremental algorithm help
10/15/2005applicative/normal-order macrosMacros/Syntax vs. AST manipulation
10/06/2005(k first-solution)Scoping based on control flow graph
04/26/2005Not all implementations are slowExpressivity of lisp/scheme but speed of assembly/C/C++
04/27/2005optimizing schemeExpressivity of lisp/scheme but speed of assembly/C/C++
04/27/2005It's a talk by Dan FriedmanExpressivity of lisp/scheme but speed of assembly/C/C++
04/27/2005Why not just compile to Scheme, OCaml, ...Virtual Machine and Runtime Framework
04/28/2005Not sureVirtual Machine and Runtime Framework
04/28/2005Proper Tail CallsVirtual Machine and Runtime Framework

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