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06/16/2006Sequence constructorWhy only 'minimal' languages
05/27/2006subclass?Stealing language features for fun and profit in Ruby
05/21/2006Subtle difference related to closuresruby vs python
05/24/2006yes but..ruby vs python
05/21/2006Amb in rubyruby vs python
05/24/2006thoguh not completelyruby vs python
12/17/2005BlueBook onlineVirtual machine implementation and dynamic languages
12/18/2005call/cc ?Virtual machine implementation and dynamic languages
12/07/200520 configurationsEnvisioning a New Language: A Conversation With Victoria Livschitz
12/07/2005Reverse inheritanceEnvisioning a New Language: A Conversation With Victoria Livschitz
12/01/2005NesC, for some embedded deviceNew languages for OS level programming?
11/10/2005Mechanism for doing prototype OOPrototype based OO
09/29/2005messageNotUnderstood ?Invokedynamic
09/30/2005Not a Type errorInvokedynamic
09/29/2005Something unclear to meICFP Programming Contest 2005 Results
09/05/ and gonzuiJExamples
08/29/2005blocks in rubyTim Bray on Ruby
08/30/2005No macro neededTim Bray on Ruby
08/24/2005Scala's implicit closuresWhen to create syntax?
08/12/2005great index!Concrete Abstractions on the web
07/31/2005Java Generics and PL theoryMore on the "generics are evil" meme
07/10/2005homoiconic languagesData is code
06/29/2005you may find this interestingGenerics are a mistake?
06/28/2005dylan dead?Dead Languages
06/22/2005Eiffel got it nowJavaScript 2.0: Evolving a Language for Evolving Systems
07/02/2005Two other choiceEmbedded Languages in Java
05/23/2005gcc has a free software boostLLVM 1.5 has been released!
05/19/2005globalsGrassroots computing languages hit the big time
04/20/2005object-oriented languages have miserabl y failedWhy Dependent Types Matter
03/18/2005Was'nt it this one?The fate of reduce() in Python 3000
12/28/2004ruby is not the new pythonNew Year's Resolutions
12/24/2004I don't like what I seeAdding Optional Static Typing to Python
12/09/2004how to design programsCasting SPELs in Lisp
12/08/2004seems reasonableLogix: Multi-Language Programming
12/08/2004is this hooking into variable lookup?Cool Python "spreadsheet"
10/13/2004ruby does tooLanguage design: Escaping escapes
09/30/2004maybe of interest: E4X in rubyIntroduction to E4X
09/30/2004classes vs prototypesACM Queue: Schizoid Classes
09/12/2004does it regard me?Use real names
09/04/2004It becomes very interesting,A Deeper Look At Metafunctions
09/06/2004okA Deeper Look At Metafunctions
09/01/2004optional type?GvR: Rejecting the J2 decorators proposal
08/11/2004functional pythonUdell: A strategic vision for dynamic languages
08/01/2004ignore session handlingPartial Continuations
07/23/2004well, but what about bridingThe C++ Source Journal
07/24/2004The C++ Source JournalThe C++ Source Journal
07/11/2004you may even point out the CrDatabase Abstraction Layers and Programming Languages

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