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04/22/2006Seems like it's still the rough draftNew Common Lisp FAQ
03/23/2006Maybe he's just busyGosling vs. Dynamic Languages
03/22/2006Don't toss your moneyProgramming: 50, 100 years from now
01/27/2006Sometimes you need a new buttonPromising OS's from a Programming Language Perspective
01/25/2006Simplistic SimplicityBeyond LINQ: A Manifesto For Distributed Data-Intensive Programming
01/28/2006Hence th esecond half of theBeyond LINQ: A Manifesto For Distributed Data-Intensive Programming
01/11/2006Seems like an iffy comparisonSingleton classes really that bad?
12/07/2005ErlangEnvisioning a New Language: A Conversation With Victoria Livschitz
11/16/2005Not all case insensitive languagesCaSe SenSitIviTy! What is its purpose in programming language syntax?
04/20/2006Some people don't get itPersistent functional databases
10/21/2005A good book on Chinesethe Chinese natual language
10/21/2005In my studies of Mandarinthe Chinese natual language

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