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05/18/2007How would you do that?Is Integer wrapping an exceptional condition?
11/17/2006AbelsonDe-Scheming MIT?
10/27/2006The Amazon linkPractical OCaml
10/31/2006Hmm.Practical OCaml
11/01/2006AgreedPractical OCaml
11/01/2006OopsPractical OCaml
11/01/2006Competing linksPractical OCaml
10/31/2006Bought it yesterdayPractical OCaml
10/31/2006Good answerPractical OCaml
11/01/2006Good to knowPractical OCaml
11/01/2006Revised syntaxPractical OCaml
11/09/2006Admitting defeatPractical OCaml
10/27/2006Experimenters lead the wayRuby 2.0 News
10/27/2006Still...Ruby 2.0 News
10/27/2006ReimplementationRuby 2.0 News
09/28/2006Interesting...Why Johnny can't code
08/24/2006Rightwhat are the differences between erlang process and pthread threads?
02/02/2006C++ refs: You'd think so, wouldn't you?The Next Mainstream Programming Languages
01/17/2006Political semanticsPaul Vick: Language Design & Paying the UI "Tax"
01/06/2006SubsetsStroustrup talking about C++0x
01/06/2006Conflates clientsThe new old or The "Return" to Concurrency
11/09/2005ProcessSoftware Factories at OOPSLA 2005
11/08/2005Meme growthBruce Tate: Technologies that may challenge Java
10/17/2005Certainly possibleObject Oriented Programming + Referential Transparency
09/30/2005PseudonymsLtU etiquette
09/08/2005HmmThreads Cannot be Implemented as a Library
09/07/2005Doesn't sound so greatApple: procedural -> OO -> AOP -> advanced procedural
07/22/2005Static types can help changeOn the Revival of Dynamic Languages
07/18/2005Order guaranteesTermite: a Lisp for Distributed Computing
07/01/2005Yes, butOok?
06/08/2005BleahWhat will Apple's move to Intel mean for Alternative Language Communities?
06/08/2005BingoWhat will Apple's move to Intel mean for Alternative Language Communities?
06/17/2005Discrete math course?Basic(er) Simple(r) Type Theory(?)
05/26/2005Number of threadsLisp or Erlang
05/26/2005It dependsDSL Error Handling in an Object Oriented context
05/05/2005Too many cooksLet's make a programming language!
05/03/2005FlawsWhat makes Centum a bad language?
04/19/2005Why databases offer "hints"Links
03/21/2005OriginsReflection in Java: how are they getting with it?
03/14/2005worse than JavaFortress focuses on the needs of scientists
03/02/2005Wanted: platform-independent Standard MLWanted: platform-independent Standard ML
03/03/2005Thanks!Wanted: platform-independent Standard ML
03/03/2005Swap spaceWanted: platform-independent Standard ML
03/03/2005Worth a shotWanted: platform-independent Standard ML
02/23/2005GNOME Character PaletteSpecial characters' input methods
02/09/2005Cautionary taleTransparent Persistence
02/09/2005Nor, obviously, are you claimTransparent Persistence
02/01/2005Considerations of typing asidNeologism
01/28/2005An FPGA in the CPULangauges and Hardware...
01/28/2005OccamLangauges and Hardware...
01/20/2005Amateurs, indeedOOP Is Much Better in Theory Than in Practice
01/21/2005Lists and tuplesOOP Is Much Better in Theory Than in Practice
01/21/2005Hobbyist magazinesOOP Is Much Better in Theory Than in Practice
01/07/2005CopyrightImplementation of FPL
01/05/2005Depends on the OSThe Free Lunch Is Over: A Fundamental Turn Toward Concurrency in Software
12/30/2004Keeping state in the client hUse Continuations to Develop Complex Web Applications
10/21/2004Rebooting phonesMapReduce - functional programming in the REAL World
10/11/2004Interesting? closure/object ideaInteresting? closure/object idea
10/11/2004Heh. And, in fact, I lookedInteresting? closure/object idea
10/12/2004Free as in freedomInteresting? closure/object idea
10/11/2004In the first example, Point iInteresting? closure/object idea
10/13/2004My expectation would be thatInteresting? closure/object idea
10/11/2004WhyInteresting? closure/object idea
10/11/2004I think it's reasonable to wrInteresting? closure/object idea
10/12/2004Yes, I see...Interesting? closure/object idea
10/13/2004Oh, yeah...Interesting? closure/object idea
10/06/2004Lisp; NewtonHouse , hOp - the Haskell Operating System
10/08/2004Enough that native OS X appsHouse , hOp - the Haskell Operating System
10/06/2004Or lack of message?Shoot-out: most annoying compiler error message
09/17/2004It was unclear what "username" meantUse real names
09/03/2004Encapsulation with closuresHigher order versus Object order
09/02/2004Thin wrapper over the hardwareApple Flunks First Grade Math
09/02/2004Another reason it's angelicDemonic Nondeterminacy: A Tribute to Edsger Wybe Dijkstra

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