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04/22/2009Felix also has an extendable grammarA programming language with extensible syntax
07/25/2008did you consider clang?What to do about comments?
02/01/2008Felix is definitely aliveInteresting old gem: Prop does pattern matching in C++
05/13/2007As far as I can tell, thisSun's new JavaFX Script language
05/21/2007What about Felix?Microsoft's new Dynamic Language Runtime (DLR)
03/07/2007Hello Ashish,Unfortunately,Suse 9.3, vc++, automated buid
06/22/2006Does it really need to saveWhat are the real benefits of FP?
01/15/2008They've added support forruby vs python
05/13/2006Sure, it's pretty simple.Non-null references?
05/14/2006references can be dangerousNon-null references?
05/15/2006oh i've done that before.Non-null references?
02/05/2006From what I understand,G'Caml comes of age
02/02/2006This could be handled by aPackaging Data And Methods
10/30/2005While python's list is implemWhy Lists?
05/03/2006shuffling the byline for the marvin themeForum usability

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