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02/12/2007It's trueAlmost everything happened in the Golden Age, right?
02/08/2007STM replaces locks & semaphores, not MapReducePatrick Logan on Software Transaction Memory
12/13/2005A hypothesisBack to the future...
12/13/2005Good point about core librariesBack to the future...
11/18/2005I've worked with both Zope and Rails...Ruby the Rival
11/18/2005What?Ruby the Rival
11/19/2005Thank you for clarifyingRuby the Rival
11/11/2005Oh, wowPutting Curry-Howard to Work
09/20/2005RPC is pretty usefulRPC Under Fire
09/23/2005Modern RPC far less language-specificRPC Under Fire
09/21/2005CouplingRPC Under Fire
09/21/2005REST is OKRPC Under Fire
08/05/2005Wouldn't put a lot of faith in these numbersHave scripting languages peaked?
08/05/2005Non-problems on many real-world projectsOverloading - Syntactic Heroin?
08/05/2005Yeah, implicit conversions are pretty hosedOverloading - Syntactic Heroin?

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