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07/24/2007McCusker and 29-n, rhymes with ad hominemWrapping the Cloud with .NET
07/28/2007my bad thenWrapping the Cloud with .NET
07/28/2007summaryWrapping the Cloud with .NET
06/30/2007in this form, it might be counter-productiveHaskell web store
05/07/2007which major ML implementations support GADTs?Towards efficient, typed LR parsers
02/08/2007moving forwardOn Decidability of Nominal Subtyping with Variance
01/07/2007more than algebraic patternsMatching Objects With Patterns
01/07/2007Thanks for the compliment!Matching Objects With Patterns
01/08/2007It's the JITMatching Objects With Patterns
01/08/2007fixed functionalityMatching Objects With Patterns
05/19/2007incompleteness check implementedMatching Objects With Patterns
11/16/2006Should a GUI be programmed at all?F3 - Functional GUI Development for Java
11/13/2006Good job - long live diversity!SICP Translations

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