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03/30/2011Frink for AndroidProgramming on an iPhone
04/03/2011Can't touch thisProgramming on an iPhone
04/03/2011Jailbreaking isn't enough.Programming on an iPhone
04/04/2011Dalvik and AndroidProgramming on an iPhone
04/29/2010Registration openEmerging Languages Conference
10/20/2009Poor Frinky.JVM language summit 2009
02/08/2008Constraints in FrinkLanugages with built-in rules/tests?
08/12/2007What's your background? And purpose?creating my own programming language
02/23/2007More please!Dimensional analysis typing
02/23/2007Fortress discussionDimensional analysis typing
02/23/2007More FrinkDimensional analysis typing
06/02/2008"On Freenode"?Lambda The Ultimate comes to SecondLife
06/02/2008Scheduled discussions?Lambda The Ultimate comes to SecondLife
03/07/2007Two reasonsWhy do we need finally in try?
05/26/2006Platypus is TakenLinspire chooses Haskell as preferred language
08/18/2006From the specFortress Spec 0.903
02/14/2006It is similar...Interval Computations
02/14/2006Ooh, complex intervalsInterval Computations
02/14/2006Obvious?Interval Computations
02/14/2006Benefits of being a language featureInterval Computations
02/14/2006Why it's a language featureInterval Computations
02/18/2006Simplify your expressions...Interval Computations
02/13/2006Interval arithmetic is incredibly coolInterval Datatype
02/13/2006It's not a bugInterval Datatype
02/13/2006Error analysis vs. interval analysisInterval Datatype
02/13/2006Not wrong, maybe just overestimatedInterval Datatype
02/13/2006The usual suspectsInterval Datatype
02/13/2006Interval ResourcesInterval Datatype
02/13/2006Monte Carlo, baby!Interval Datatype
11/21/2005Interesting changesFortress Specs Updated: 0.785
11/22/2005Reciprocal is ambiguityFortress Specs Updated: 0.785
11/23/2005Type-checking doesn't work for reciprocals of dimensionless numsFortress Specs Updated: 0.785
11/23/2005Disambiguation based on name doesn't workFortress Specs Updated: 0.785
11/11/2005Case is often meaningfulCaSe SenSitIviTy! What is its purpose in programming language syntax?
08/01/2005New Fortress SpecificationNew Fortress Specification
08/01/2005UnicodeNew Fortress Specification
08/02/2005Java's Generics, behind the scenesMore on the "generics are evil" meme
07/03/2005FrinkEmbedded Languages in Java
05/08/2005Looks like FrinkThe Fortress Language Spec v0.618
05/08/2005Citation?The Fortress Language Spec v0.618
04/27/2005"It won't work" is often a good thing.Richard Hamming - "You and Your Research"

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