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04/02/2005Let the record show...Fold Must Fold!
04/02/2005Refactoring the UniverseProgrammatic nature of subatomic make up
04/02/2005The Last SimulationProgrammatic nature of subatomic make up
01/27/2005High bitsLangauges and Hardware...
01/27/2005Another pointLangauges and Hardware...
01/30/2005Context SwitchLangauges and Hardware...
01/26/2005A great lossSad News - Ken Anderson Dies Unexpectedly at a Conference
01/18/2005PID Easy?Dynamic Eager Haskell
01/17/2005No Frink?JVM-based scripting languages poll
12/02/2004Change in programLL4 Program and Abstracts
12/08/2004One ReviewLL4 Program and Abstracts
12/08/2004Yep, it happened!LL4 Program and Abstracts
12/10/2004Frink presentation now availableLL4 Program and Abstracts
12/12/2004More presentations onlineLL4 Program and Abstracts
11/23/2004Frink againLittle language for use within Java, suited for users to define "rules"

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