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09/24/2010Don't think soThorn
07/28/2010Thanks Ehud!It's been ten years!
04/21/2008[comment deleted]Flexible types: Robust type inference for first-class polymorphism
02/19/2008Another alternativeGilad Bracha: Cutting out Static
11/05/2007I just made that choicePL research & grad schools?
08/07/2007ForthSyntactic abstraction? (newbie question)
08/07/2007KindaSyntactic abstraction? (newbie question)
06/04/2007Prototype-based languagesMerging Functions, Modules, Classes, the whole nine yards...
02/16/2008Not entirely"Practical" advantages of lazy evaluation
04/23/2007Formalizing a minimal subset of concatenative languagesFormalizing a minimal subset of concatenative languages
03/05/2007FactorFinite State Machines in Forth
05/06/2005Re: Too many cooksLet's make a programming language!
11/21/2004What is this?Multi-Return Function Call
10/15/2004Java syntax extenderSun ships "extensible" Java compiler?
10/15/2004Macros != fragmented dialectsSun ships "extensible" Java compiler?
09/14/2004what's so good about newLisp?newLisp: A better Lisp/Scheme Fusion...
09/14/2004Scheme can do that too, sortanewLisp: A better Lisp/Scheme Fusion...

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