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03/23/2012Shared vocabulary elusive, declarative languagesHow to Generate (Hard) Real-Time Code from Declarative Programming Languages?
03/23/2012Statechart compilerHow to Generate (Hard) Real-Time Code from Declarative Programming Languages?
08/27/2010Compiler DesignTheoretical Computer Science StackExchange Beta now open
02/22/2010can assume garbage collectionA few billion lines of code later: using static analysis to find bugs in the real world
12/04/2009Re: don't believe 'semantic TCO' has ever been implementedWhy Object-Oriented Languages Need Tail Calls
11/18/2009re Lisp Machine rebootGo or Unladen Swallow?
10/28/2009Massively Parallel Real TimeSeeking broad survey of wide range of concurrency idioms
08/05/2009Hierarchical StateChartsseeking help: approaches to model based development?
08/08/2009not good for implementation?seeking help: approaches to model based development?
06/30/2009Lua AlienModern dynamic linking infrastructure for PLT
05/27/2009GemsForth Dimensions
03/12/2009Forth CREATE DOES>Linear Logic and Permutation Stacks--The Forth Shall Be First
01/21/2009multiple return valuesIntroducing Dawn - yet another new language
01/13/2009DecimalWhat Are The Resolved Debates in General Purpose Language Design?
10/23/2009Lazy AnalysisThe Genuine Sieve of Eratosthenes
10/24/2009Where are the strict non-imperative languages?The Genuine Sieve of Eratosthenes
10/25/2009Strict version of Sieve of EratosthenesThe Genuine Sieve of Eratosthenes
11/06/2008not overwhelmingly complicatedA tutorial on implemeting type inference?
07/31/2008future events?Beyond FRP: physics-inspired programming abstractions?
06/02/2008CAS, Swarm, Artificial LifeComputational Thinking
03/10/2008makeheadersC - header files
03/10/2008biasExcel as a different programming paradigm
02/28/2008essentially eliminating "null pointer exception" errorsIs null needed?
02/26/2008F#Chris Okasaki on Indentation Syntax
01/24/2008Termite?Embedded concurrent FPish languages?
11/20/2007now with inheritance!Examples of large-scale functional language projects
09/21/2007hard real timeUniqueness Types Instead STM
05/02/2007ParacellIs Integer wrapping an exceptional condition?
04/03/2007Wait Free SynchronizationGood parallel algorithms books?
02/20/2007frinkDimensional analysis typing
02/22/2007VisualState semantics and implementationAutomata-Based Programming
01/26/2009Push based schedulingFunctional anti-memoization
05/26/2005see Shivers's dissertation &cData flow analysis on functional Language
05/05/2005What a great opportunityWhy do they program in C++?
01/27/2005Re: Lisp MachineLangauges and Hardware...
06/24/2008refsGetting Started

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